Exterior wall paint colour combination for winter

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March 11, 2020

Colours act as a visual treat to our eyes and play an important role in our lives. Colours help us improve our moods, and break the monotony of the space that one is in. We all take a lot of time to decorate our homes and take into account every single detail. While decorating we all put in a lot of effort to choose the combination of the exterior house paint of our homes. Today, we bring to you a guide exterior wall paint colour combination for winter.

Comfort in the lap of nature:

Navy is a colour that can be used to paint small houses. It gives your house a grounded look making it appear spacious. The ground story can be painted with navy and for the top, paperwhite would be the perfect colour giving your house an ideal winter feel. Paperwhite can be used for printing the porches and wooden details as well.

The bright and lively:

Chocolate brown and light yellow appear to be a classic combination for painting the exteriors of your house. If you have houses similar to those colonial houses with umpteen number of windows, a huge roof and a well-manicured garden, this combination of paints is perfect for your exterior walls.

The comfort Grey: Garrison Grey and cream

This combination gives you a feeling of sophistication and comfort. If you want to paint the exterior walls of your house in pastel shades which are soothing to your eyes and one’s soul, this is the perfect combination, after all, home is not just a building, it’s a feeling. The grey gives a calming sensation and makes one feel relaxed. With the addition of the cream paint, it would help the house get the necessary balance. The paint would provide comfort to the eyes.

Middle Eastern Touch:

If you are someone who prefers cultural touch to your home, then a lively touch of the Middle East is the combination for you. The colour combination of stable monochrome along with a bold colour is proved to make a statement. The bold colour will help you in making the various designs and edges on the exterior walls prominent.

Tropical Wave:

If you’re someone who likes things light and chill, the shades of yellow and light orange can help you give your home a cooling and calming look while giving it a tropical feel. The vibrancy of the house would help you in maintaining your mood all year round.

Choose from the wide range of wall paints available at Indigo Paints which would provide the perfect combination for the exterior walls of your home. You can choose to suit different themes and select the perfect paint combinations that would suit your taste and home.

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