10 Paint Colours That Will Change Your Mood When You Are Working in the Kitchen

Written by Team Indigopaints  | Published:
February 22, 2021

Kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the one space where we cook and bond with family over meals every day. Did you know that paints mean a lot more than just colors on your walls? It plays a major role in influencing moods and adding life to a room, especially in a kitchen. There’s more that goes into choosing the paint colors, from decor to emotions as well as the time spent. It can be quite frustrating when deciding a specific paint colour when there is a wide range of shades out there. The good news is that Indigo Paints has paints for almost every kitchen colour combination. Check out the different paint colours that will change your mood when you are working in the kitchen.

1. White

Most of us kick start our mornings in the kitchen, and white makes everything feel clean and fresh. It creates the perfect environment that greets and wakes you up as you step into the kitchen. Moreover, you can add other colors to blend with it.

With all-white kitchen walls, countertops, kitchen islands, decor, and accessories blend well into the setting, letting you have fun with designs.

2. Cream

Cream colour helps transform the mundane and routine task of cooking into something you are passionate about. Blends of white and cream are the perfect kitchen wall colour combination. With warmer shades, you will be more than happy to take the time to prepare meals with love.

3. Red

Red is another attractive kitchen colour for walls that holds the potential to transform any room and create a warm, welcoming feeling to anyone at its threshold. It is a versatile kitchen color idea that pops in your kitchen and makes it stand out from the other rooms. It is believed to build up quite an appetite as it spreads love and cheers all around the dining table.

Red, being a vibrant colour, fires up your heart rate, and this makes a popular paint idea in restaurant kitchens and homes. A few red accents around the kitchen can create the right vibe you are looking for.

4. Blue

Blue has been a traditional kitchen colour for walls for decades. You can coat blue paint across the walls in its different shades, and all of them look enticing. The lighter blue shades induce a crisp, clear look when applied on selective kitchen walls by the sink, refrigerator, or cabinet spaces. It is also recommended for the ceiling to make the kitchen feel airy. It is a beautiful color that looks its best when applied sparingly; otherwise, it would leave you overwhelmed.

Dark blue shades also work well; however, it should be applied in combination with other neutral shades like white; otherwise, the kitchen would appear too dark.

5. Yellow

Yellow spreads happiness and cheers like sunshine. It makes your kitchen look brighter and induces you to feel soothed, calm, and relaxed as you cook. This color also creates healthy appetites in people. This kitchen interior colour is perfect for small spaces as it makes the room appear brighter, airy, and larger. It also matches well with white and cream kitchen wall paints.

6. Gray

Of all the neutral paint colour options, gray tops the list. Recently, it has become quite a trend as a kitchen colour for walls. Though most people view grey as a dreary, cold colour, it transforms your kitchen instantly when applied in the right shade. You can also use it as a base colour and pair it with an assortment of vibrant colours.

7. Green

Green is the colour of mother nature, health, and freshness. By coating your kitchen with shades of green, you bring in touches of the splendor of nature indoors. Green comes in an array of shades that includes apple green, teal, sea green, mint, emerald, and more. You can easily pair green with different accents to give it a rugged and woody kitchen appearance. In a green surrounding, you feel at home, and it brings out an adventurous side to explore.

Including green paint as part of your kitchen colour ideas creates jolts of energy as you try out new dishes and recipes for your family.

8. Pink

Pink paint colours in a kitchen strike a balance by bringing positive feelings. It enhances the kitchen’s imaginative ideas, which is perfect for cooking new recipes and being more adventurous. It is believed to instill joy and the feeling of taking care of your loved ones through cuisine.

9. Purple and Lavender

Purple is the colour of luxury, and is rich and dramatic. It signifies sophistication in every shade. The lighter shade of purple leaves you calm and relaxed in the kitchen as it goes easy on your eyes.

10. Orange

Orange is an enticing colour in the kitchen as it sets a happy mood and induces creativity. It is the colour choice that gets families excited to gather together at the dining table. Orange is also comforting, helping to promote family time bonds.

The kitchen is one of the home’s busiest spots and important in day-to-day life. Paints influence moods to a great extent. While some colours are inviting, others induce calm, happiness, optimism, vibrancy, and positive vibes. Indigo Paints can guide you in choosing the colours and shades that blend well for your kitchen. Paint the best colours on your kitchen walls and make it a reflection of the cheerful moods.

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