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10 things to keep in mind while painting your wall ceiling for the first time

10 things to keep in mind while painting your wall ceiling for the first time

Painting your room is excellent and perhaps the easiest way to renovate your space. While it is true that there are several things to keep in mind while painting your room walls, you will find great help in this regard online. When it comes to painting a ceiling wall, the problem arises, especially if you are considering painting your ceiling wall for the first time.

No matter what colour your walls are, the time of a solid-coloured white ceiling is long gone. Ceiling colours are the newest trend in interior design, and there are numerous ceiling painting designs and ceiling paint ideas available everywhere. We, at Indigo Paints, offer an excellent product in Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat. Read through following list for the factors to be considered while choosing perfect paint for your ceiling.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of colour.

As we said before, ceiling colours are in, and people have started ditching the classic white. Therefore, it is time to let go of your fears and experiment a little. Adding colour to your ceiling can instantly liven up your room and make it look warmer and more intimate. Moreover, suppose you align the colour with the natural light coming in from the windows. In that case, it can add to the illusion of space and make your room look brighter when pastel colours are used or give it a distinct hue in case of darker colours as the light will bounce off the ceiling and get reflected in all directions.

2. Take a Test

Take a Test

Ceiling paint colour can drastically change your room and costs a good amount of money and effort. Therefore, it is not advisable to paint your entire ceiling in one go, no matter how sure you are about the colour. We recommend that you paint an A4 sized sheet of paper and stick it to your ceiling for a few days. Waking up to see it the first thing in the morning for some days will help you decide how you feel about it.

3. Play with Space

Ceiling paints are a fantastic way to play with space in your room by creating the illusion of a higher ceiling in a low ceilinged room. The best way to do this is to paint your place’s walls and ceiling in the same colour. This will mean that your guests cannot tell where the end of the wall and the ceiling begins, allowing your room to look bigger and higher. What’s more, since the human eye immediately notices contrasts, this way, people don’t immediately notice any faults in the architecture of your house.

4. Alter Tradition

Alter Tradition While Painting Your Wall Ceiling

If you are someone who would rather stick to the tradition of painting your ceiling white, maybe you can consider altering the tradition a little bit to add a more inviting and attractive touch to your room. Instead of painting your ceiling a solid and striking white, you can opt for a lighter shade of off-white or a more toned down and subdued hue of white to prevent your guests from noticing your ceiling as the first thing when they enter your room.

5. Highlight the Details

Do you want to draw attention to an ornate ancestral chandelier that your grandmother left you or highlight an intricately carved ceiling rose? Then let us tell you that it is a good idea because it can decorate your room with the least bit of effort. The only question to ask is how to do it, and the answer is a ceiling coat of gold or platinum, depending on what goes better with the rest of the colours in your room.

6. All in One

While ceiling colour combination is a good idea to redo your room, a good experiment is to paint it all in one colour. This makes for a uniform and united palette throughout the room and makes your space look roomier and more welcoming. To make this style work successfully, you can use the trick of painting other elements in your room like window sills and door hinges a different colour and create a dazzling contrast. We would recommend a teal and white combination as something to start with.

7. Be Decorative

We have said this before, and we stand by it! Ceiling painting designs are the easiest way to decorate or redecorate your room. Whether you paint your ceiling in geometric patterns, or create intricate designs that reflect how you would like your room to be perceived, plan your art before starting. Pick up a colour palette, draw outlines of the kind of design you want, and try out those on papers before finally painting your wall.

8. Choose a Finish

Most people make the mistake of ignoring the texture and finish of their ceiling paints. Try out different textures and finishes on sample papers and pick the one you think compliments your room best. Don’t be shy of picking up something eccentric if you think it looks well because textures can add more depth and class to your room than anything else.

9. Prep is Important

As far as ceiling paint ideas are concerned, we have given you all the advice you will need. However, it is also important to spend time preparing your ceiling with the right material before painting it. Prepping your ceiling is also cost-effective since a prepped up surface requires less paint than a surface that has not been properly prepped.

10. Be Neat

Whether you invest in new brushes or rollers or use old ones, it is essential to be neat with your work. Clean your old brushes and rollers to free them of any loose fibers and outline your ceiling with paint using a brush before filling in a roller because the corners are the place where rollers cannot get to.

We hope you liked our tips about how to make your room a more welcoming and lively space. Let us know in the comments if you implement any of these in your room and how it turns out using the best quality Indigo Paints!


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