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Tips of using outdoor paint in the monsoon season

Tips of using outdoor paint in the monsoon season

The monsoon season is in full swing, and it has brought a much-needed respite from long and scorching summer days. Moisture-laden winds accompanied by drizzle add freshness to the air. While everything about this weather may be desirable, it also has a few issues, particularly for the house walls.

If you are planning to get your walls painted in this season, you can use high-quality outdoor house paint that will dress up your walls even during the monsoon season. Indigo Paints help you with choosing the best outdoor house colours, finding the best options that are perfect to be used in this season.

Overview of Outdoor Paint

Choosing suitable outdoor wall paint may turn out to be slightly tricky, especially when planning to paint your house during the monsoon season. Outside house paint must sustain natural elements like wind, rain, sun, storm, and more once it dries. Thus, when planning to paint outdoor walls, allow the weather to be a bit calmer so that the walls can be painted well and allowed to dry up before it faces the wrath of lashing rains.

Select suitable outdoor wall paint after considering a few factors which shall help you make the right decision. Identify the surface that must be painted. Outside house paint usually works extremely well on several types of surfaces, but it may be limited to certain application and preparation techniques. Look for oil or latex-based paints as it works well for outdoor areas. Latex is very hassle-free and easy to use outdoor wall paint. Moreover, it takes just a couple of hours to dry. Oil-based paints are durable but take more time to dry completely.

Types of Outdoor Paint

Exterior Wall Colours For House

The type of outside house paint chosen for the house is as important as choosing suitable materials, outdoor paint colours, and preparation of surface as it has an impact on the result of how the painted wall will look like. Primarily, there are three types of outdoor paint finishes. These outdoor wall paints are flat, satin, and gloss. These sheens are perfectly suitable for painting any exterior surface including doors, walls, trims, and fences even during the monsoon season.

1. Flat Finish

It is one of the most porous outdoor wall paint finishes and does not reflect light. It is thus perfectly suitable for painting old, vintage homes as it helps in hiding many imperfections and flaws on the walls. It is not exceptionally durable because of its high porosity and thus not meant for painting high traffic or horizontal surfaces like windows, doors, floors, or railings. Moreover, this outside house paint is predominantly used for exterior walls as it gets soiled fast, particularly if it is a colour light in the shade. Thus, choose outdoor paint colours accordingly.

2. Satin Finish

It is one of the most popular and commonly used outdoor paint colours among homeowners. It is neither too shiny nor too dull. It is perfect for painting external walls as it brings a subtle sheen to the walls. Regular pressure washing the walls helps in maintaining them and keeping them clean. It is durable and keeps your walls beautifully dressed in favourite outdoor house colours for a long time.

3. Gloss Finish

It is easiest to manage outdoor paint but needs to be used sparingly. It comes with a shiny finish and as such, reflects light. This results in magnifying even a minor flaw. Thus, it is better to use this outdoor wall paint in places that really need it. It is perfectly suitable if you wish to draw the attention of your guests to some interesting architectural detail. This glossy finish paint can be used at strategic places for optimal effect.

How to Select Outdoor Paint – Steps/Guide?

Select Outdoor Paint – Steps/Guide

When selecting outdoor house paints, it is imperative to take some time out to research and do not rush this decision unnecessarily. Here is the guide to choosing the best outdoor paint.

● No Compromise with Quality: When selecting the most suitable paint for outdoors, it is imperative to look for premium outdoor paint colours options. Outdoor painting is a task that takes place a few years apart and as such, needs something great in quality. This paint must resist stains, cover walls, and face the challenges of weather elements.

● Use Technology Advancements to Choose the Best Colour: When confused about which outdoor house paints would go perfectly well with permanent materials, take a sample of these materials to the paint store. Here, makes use of computer colour matching technology that helps to look for suitable outdoor paint colours. This tool helps in coordinating or matching colours.

● Choose for the Trim: Move from the usual white colour when looking for suitable outdoor house paints for the trim. Look for an option that is just a few shades lighter than the main outdoor colour. It will give an elegant and subtle overall effect.

How to Use Outdoor Paint – Steps/Guide

Having decided the colour and the type of outside house paint to dress up the external walls, the next decision that deserves your attention is how to use outdoor paint. Here are a few steps that can make this task easier.

● Start an external painting job by washing the walls thoroughly. Remove any traces of dust or dirt on its surface.

● Next, remove loose, flaking paint using a handheld scraper.

● If there are any rough and uneven spots on the surface, it is recommended to remove them using sandpaper.

● Fill and repair minor holes using patching putty for even surfaces.

● Apply primer and caulk all joints.

● Start applying the outdoor wall paint chosen that applies easily, dries quickly, and can be washed with soap and water.

● Apply topcoat.

● Maintain well.

Benefits of Using Outdoor Paint

Painting exterior walls every few years has a lot of advantages. Some of these advantages are:

● It increases its curb appeal.

● It is updated as per the changing lifestyle.

● It repairs damage.

● It keeps the house exterior protected against external natural elements.

● Prevents peeling and staining.

● Ensure the durability of trim and siding.

● It keeps moisture out and keeps the indoor air quality high.

● Makes your home look beautiful with suitable outdoor colour.

Homeowners get their external house walls painted from time to time to enjoy all these benefits and more.


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