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Which colour combination is best for the bedroom?

Which colour combination is best for the bedroom?

Colours have a deeper effect on our mood than we think they do. Many psychologists have emphasized the effects that colours can have on our mood. The same psychology should be applied when you are choosing colours to paint your home, and especially your bedroom.


The bedroom can either be the room you spend most of your time in or the room you spend the least time in. Whatever may be the case, it still remains the room you wake up in and go to sleep in. Hence, the colour combinations of your bedroom probably have the most impact on your mood and must be thought through.

Grey & Black Living room design

Whether you want your bedroom colour to resemble a minimal sanctuary that brings you peace, or a bright and bold space that fills you with energy, we’re always listening. Indigo Paints’ large colour palette gives you a huge variety of colours to play with and paint the most important room of your home with impeccable colour combinations.

If you are the person who runs to their room after a long day for some peaceful me-time and succumbs to solace and peace, neutral tones should be your go-to. Painting your bedroom walls with organic and neutral tones can bring calm to your room that you might be searching for. Two-colour combinations like Indigo and White, Soft Pink and Cream, Misty blues and Off-white, are some great choices for your bedroom wall colour.

If opulence and luxury are what you are looking for, earthy tones with an oomph of brightness are your perfect fit. Add drama and elegance to your bedroom walls with unique colours like Olive, Royal Blue, Deep Purple, and Grey. Opt for a monochromatic theme by picking one colour by mixing its different hues and shades and working together with décor and wall paints.

It’s very important to paint your bedroom with a colour combination that compliments your personality and also makes your bedroom look divine. A room that lifts your mood, calms you down, or just makes you feel at home. You can pick one solid colour, two-colour combinations, or multicolours and accentuate each look by playing with the décor and furnishing.

Have you found a perfect colour combination for your bedroom? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Check out our range of readymade colour combinations and take a step towards turning your bedroom into a flawless one.

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