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Six Beach Theme Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

Six Beach Theme Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

Your living room is a place where not just you or your family members but your friends and guests frequent a lot too. A perfect haven to settle down on your favourite chair after a hard day, the living room is in many ways a family room. Hence, the theme and the colour ideas you select for your living room should be in sync with everyone’s taste. But, more than anything else, the colour scheme and the theme should be soothing and visually calming.

Beach theme colours can give your living room the summertime zest and uplift it beyond words. Whether you love the seas and the beaches or not, here are six awesome living room ideas inspired by the natural coastal colour palettes.

Beach colours for the living room

1. Unison of bright yellow walls with light blue furniture

Top beach theme wall paint ideas

Yellow can be a bit bold for any living room, especially with a family around. But the combination of yellow wall paint with the light soft blue hue can export you straight to a happening sea beach in Goa. The sharpness of the yellow sandy beach contrasts perfectly with the cool blue sky tone of the sea. The unique combo can fill your place with sunshine and warmth.

2. Beautiful turquoise wall paint and teal decor

This is another great living room idea. The ocean is not just vast and deep but also offers a myriad range of colour palettes. You can combine these natural shades to transition your living room to an awe-inspiring zone of comfort. The aquamarine colour of the waves blends mesmerizingly well with the teal of the deep seas. You could play with either colour, choosing teal or turquoise as the wall paint and matching the decor and furniture colours accordingly.

3. Go coastal with the warmth of grey and cobalt blue

The two colours are such contrasts that leave you to wonder if you are going in for the ideal choice. The beauty of the mild grey and the vivid cobalt blue makes your haven exciting within the depths of the ocean. Throw in and touch up with light sky blue colour here and there to complete the coastal look. For example, grey walls with deep blue sofas and a soft blue rug can perfectly match.

4. Green, Ocean teal, and seafoam wall colours with white-and-brown seating

Going green is not a difficult choice by including lots of indoor plants. On the walls and the ceilings, you can go in for a smooth finish of premium quality teal and seafoam colour paints. You could also go for teal on one wall and the rest with seafoam. Include white seating for the colours to come to life with wooden furniture to include the essence of the earth. Not just your living room, this can be a great bedroom colour idea too.

5. The beach house look.

The Beach House Look Theme Colour Ideas

Beaches are incomplete without the coastal wooden shacks. Replicate the same look in your home with this stunning living room idea. White and beige can now be kept aside; instead, go in for the lively beach colours of greys, greens, and blues. A perfect way to create a cosy beach house look is to go for a striped accent on one wall. Use touches of earthly brown, like canned baskets, wooden center table, and neutral coloured sofas with splashes of orange here and there to complete the look.

6. Sandy hued palette with soft blue undertones

Are you thinking of converting your living room into a beach theme room? Choose this realistic and aesthetic living room idea. Indigo Paints offers superior quality wall colour choices. Go in for a sandy pastel colour palette on the walls. Use the same tone on the doors and windows too. Liven up the vibe with caned furniture and tabletop. Support the look with wooden frames for the table and light sea turf blue or green tinges on the cushions, seating, and carpets.

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Living by the beach, right on the seafront, is a dream come true for so many homeowners. By partnering with a leading paint company, you can give wings to your aspirations. Choose from a myriad of beach-themed living room ideas and bedroom colour ideas to infuse sea colours naturally in your living space. Choose from readymade colour combinations or browse through the inspiration book at to find your dream beach theme colours for your living room and bedroom.

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