What is the best exterior paint for a house?

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September 10, 2020

It is rightly said that “home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.” It is the place where we set up our family. Our house is the place that keeps us safe from all external forces and we must protect it from all kinds of damage.

One great way of protecting our house from the sun’s harmful effects and rain is using a good quality exterior house paint. Your home’s exterior wall colour protects the house from the harmful rays of the sun, damp and dust. To maintain your house’s regality for a long time, take special care of the exterior wall paint of your house.

Overview of Exterior Paint Colour

A waterproof paint like Indigo Dirtproof and Exterior Laminates is an excellent choice for exterior home painting. Rain and dampness are the primary causes of damaging the exterior walls of your house. With time and further exposure to these factors, it can lead to interior walls’ damage too. Damp walls will lead to leakages and moulds, which can also ruin your house’s wooden furniture. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, indigo exterior paint is the ideal choice as your exterior paint for your house.

After deciding what type of exterior wall paint you will choose, the next step is to decide on the exterior paint combinations. Here are some excellent exterior paint combinations that you can use for your exterior home painting.

Navy blue and paper white:

Navy blue and paper white are the perfect exterior paint combinations giving your house a spacious look. You can paint the lower portion navy blue and the upper portion with paper whites giving a natural look to your house. The exterior paint will sync in with the surrounding realistic view.

Garrison grey and cream:

If you want to give the exterior home painting a sophisticated look, then go for this combination. These kinds of exterior paint combinations are not only soothing to the eyes but soothing to the soul too.

Chocolate brown and light yellow:

Such exterior paint combinations are classic yet familiar. The mixture is ideal for traditional houses with multiple windows and a vast roof. The exterior house paint speaks volumes about your personality. So, choose the external wall colour of the house carefully.

Mauve and paper white:

Another excellent exterior paint combination offered by indigo exterior paint is mauve and paper white. The blend is soothing yet vibrant.

Yellow and light orange:

If you want to give your exterior home painting a tropical look, then go for this combination. The combination will give your home a calm yet vibrant look. Your house will gather appreciation of one and all. The massive collection of indigo exterior paint gives you a long list of colour combinations to choose from. You can also choose from Indigo Paints Exterior Emulsion Gold Series for your external walls.

Types of Exterior Paint

A waterproof exterior wall paint prevents rainwater and damps from seeping into the crack of your wall. It acts as a protection layer between the rainwater and your walls. Choosing the perfect exterior paint is an important task because exterior home painting not only saves the exterior walls but also saves enormous expenses on maintenance. There are mainly two types of exterior house paint:

Oil-based paints:

They are very durable and protect your house’s exterior walls from dampness and dust. They give a hard finish to the walls.

Latex exterior paints:

They are easy to apply and dry quickly. They protect the exterior walls from direct exposure to sunlight.

How to Select Exterior Paint- A Guide

A waterproof exterior house paint makes the walls adapt to climatic changes. The exterior paint expands and contracts with the changes in the external temperature, which is quite perfect as it prevents cracks. The disadvantage of waterproof exterior wall paint is the soft surface of the paint attracts dust and dirt, which is quite unsuitable for the house’s look.

The most satisfactory solution is Indigo Dirt proof and Waterproof Exterior Laminate. The first and only exterior house paint in India that gives you dual protection, both from dirt accumulation and water.

The indigo exterior paint is manufactured using nanotechnology, which provides the outer wall of your house a smooth finish while protecting the exterior paint combinations from getting damaged. The indigo exterior paint is UV resistant as well. The icing on the cake is that it is anti-algal and anti-fungal. The beautiful features make the indigo exterior paint an excellent choice for exterior house paint.

Once you have decided on the colour combinations, next, you need to determine if you want a glossy finish or a matte finish for your exterior paint. The matte finish gives a cozy look, whereas glossy finish offers a bright look to your exterior home painting.

Painting tips

The final step in exterior home painting is hiring a professional to get your external wall painted. The following tips are convenient while kick-starting your exterior home painting:

It is essential to clean your walls properly before applying a coat of fresh paint. Make sure there is no dirt, dust, or old paint accumulated on the wall.

Apply putty on all existing cracks to avoid any seepage of moisture.

The next step in exterior paint is applying wall primer, which will help the indigo exterior paint stick to the wall.

Next, mix one liter of Indigo Dirtproof and Waterproof Exterior Laminate with 400 ml of water to paint your exterior walls. Use a brush or roller, whichever is convenient.

Apply three coats of the exterior paint and wait for 4-6 hours in between each coat. Let the paint dry completely.


We hope that this guide helped you choose the right exterior house paint for your abode. Colours add happiness to our lives, and our house is the abode of all our joy because it is where all our loved ones stay.

Your house should reflect who you are. So, once you are done with the exterior house paint, invite relatives and friends for a lovely appreciation of your choice and sense of colour.


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