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Exterior paint combinations: must experiment on the balcony

Exterior paint combinations: must experiment on the balcony


Have you ever wondered why people spend so much time choosing the perfect exterior wall paints? The exterior paint combinations leave an impression on people. It also keeps the wall protected. While choosing house colours, you must keep in mind, the exterior wall paints for the balcony.

Do you wish to spend time on your balcony during the early mornings to hear the chirping of the birds or during warm summer evenings to feel the breeze? Do you like to decorate the balcony with fairy lights, plants, chairs and cushions? But has the exterior wall colour of your balcony started to come off? Then, it is time to renovate your balcony to give it a modern touch. You can convert your balcony from a storeroom to your beautiful haven. You can relax, sip coffee or tea, and read a book while resting on your chair. Also, the modern balcony will enhance the look of your exterior house colours. The first step is to choose pleasing exterior wall paints.

Here are the beautiful exterior paint combinations that you must try on your balcony.

1. The basic white and grey exterior paint colours- If you are all for light and basic exterior paints for the house, the white and grey colour combination is the ideal option for exterior paint combinations. It looks classy and urbane. The white and grey exterior wall colours look aesthetic with exterior home painting. You can keep matching furniture in the balcony or go for coloured flower pots or rugs.

2. Pastel pink and blue exterior wall paints- Our homes are a mirror of our personality. The exterior paints for the house reflect our nature. If you have an artistic persona, the pastel shades exterior wall paints are the most recommended colour combinations for your balcony. You can go for a pink and blue colour combination. If you feel that the colour does not go well with your exterior house paint, you can surprise your children by getting the balcony in their room painted in pink and blue. It will make them happy. You can set up lights in the balcony. The balcony will look exquisite when the light shines on the pink and blue exterior paint colours.

3. Beige and Brown exterior house colours- If you want to choose light exterior paint colour combinations but don’t prefer white, the beige and brown colour scheme is the ideal option. The exterior wall paint should be dark. You can get it painted in coffee brown or even light brown. The inside of the balcony should have light colour paint to reflect light. So, you can get the walls painted in a beige colour.

Beige and Brown exterior house colours

4. Pastel yellow and lavender exterior paint colours- For people who love bright colours, yellow is the most preferred choice for exterior house paint. Depending upon your exterior home painting, you can either choose to get a lemon or lavender exterior wall paint. The yellow and lavender colour scheme for exterior house paint is appealing to the eyes. When the sunlight falls on your balcony, the yellow exterior wall paint will reflect the light, making it look marvellous and dreamy.

Pastel yellow and lavender exterior paint colours

5. Turquoise and grey exterior wall paints- A lot of people prefer dark shades of exterior paint for the house. It does not get dirty easily and the exterior home painting looks fresh. Whereas, the home interior paints are of a lighter shade so that the house looks big and soothing. If you want to choose a dark and light colour scheme, turquoise and grey colour combination is the most recommended one. The dark grey shade can be used as an exterior wall colour. It will stay intact for years. You can use turquoise to paint the inner walls of your balcony. It will give you the whole beach house vibe.

6. Yellow and green exterior paints for the house- If you have a house in the suburbs of the city, another artistic exterior paint combination that you can experiment on your house and balcony is the yellow and green colour scheme. If your house is surrounded by fields or vast land, you should definitely try this colour combination. You can go for bottle green or pastel green exterior wall colours. The interior of the balcony can be painted in yellow. You can also switch the colour options on the basis of your choice.

Yellow and green exterior paints for the house

7. Wooden contrast in exterior paint colours- The most beautiful way to revamp your balcony is to give it a rustic look. If the exterior paint combinations of your house are modern, your balcony will stand out in rustic exterior house paint. For the exterior wall paint, you can give it a wooden or brick-like texture. You can choose any colour with wooden exterior house paint.

Wooden contrast in exterior paint colours

With all the above exterior paint combinations, you can turn your balcony into a cozy place where you can chill along with your partner and family. You can also celebrate on the balcony. Therefore, you must choose the exterior paints for your house wisely. If you are looking for the best quality exterior house colours for your balcony, you can pick Indigo Paints. It has a vast collection of aesthetic exterior paints for your house.


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