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Step by step guide on choosing the right wood paint

Step by step guide on choosing the right wood paint

We are dating back to the most traditional form of painting, which is still on the charts of every interior design- Wood Painting! If you are a DIY person when it comes to home paint and love the rustic feel, we have some quick tips on choosing the right wood paint.

Wood paint is way easier to apply, provides a protective layer that makes the wood paint easy to maintain, and is also more cost-friendly than other paint options.

Plywood surfaces are less shiner compared to other surface paints. So, for vintage homes and just the rustic feel, they are the perfect option, but designing a modern luxury home is very meticulous while choosing the right wood paint to bring out a unique interior.

Whether it is floor paint for wood flooring or different surfaces for wood finishes or wood polish, every surface needs another wood paint type. Indigo Paints offers a plethora of wood paint options and has experimented with various wood paint types to curate this guide on choosing the right wood paint, wood polish, wood primer, etc.

Water-Based Paint for Furnishings Used Rarely

Water-based wood paints dry faster than regular oil paint. They might not have the same shine as oil paints but are the perfect option for rarely used furniture or furnishings like a staircase, side table, or trays. They are also cheaper than other wood paint or wood polish options. However, this paint might require at least two to three wood coatings for the final paint wood finishes.

Sleek Single Pack Interior PU for Everyday Furniture

Wooden Paint Texture



Wooden chairs, tables, and classic home wooden frames are the most attractive house furniture and are used daily. Therefore, they require strong paint, wood polish, and wood coatings. This wood finish paint not only adds shine but also protects the furniture from water, alcohol, and chemicals used at home to ensure a long-lasting effect. As it is made with polyurethane as its base, the paint protects the furniture from chipping off. This paint is available in two variants, glossy and matt finishes, for a shiny new look.

Chalk or Milk Wood Finish Paint for the True Rustic Weathered Effect

Wood finish rustic Paint


When designing an old-fashioned room, how can one miss out on the age-old wooden drawers? That’s exactly where Chalk or Milk paints come into the picture! They create a chipped off look or dried away ‘wood’ feel. Milk paint cracks off more easily than Chalk paint and might start looking unprofessional after some time. Therefore, our recommendation is to opt for Chalk paint for rustic yet trendy wood finishes.

Sleek Two Pack Exterior Paint for Strong Wooden Furniture

A green colour painted wall


Comprising Polyurethane, the Sleek Two Pack Exterior Paint is among the perfect choice of paints for wood material doors, windows, etc. Just as the name suggests, this paint type is apt for the exterior wood coatings. Exterior furniture like doors and windows are extremely exposed to humidity and sunlight. This pick is among the paints for wood that is firm and will ensure that the paint doesn’t get chipped off.

Alkyd Based Oil Paint for Surfaces Exposed to Water

Furniture paint exposed to water, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, tend to contain excess dew marks from water moisture settlements by cooking activities. The use of water-based paint will increase the amount of moisture content. Therefore, it is advisable to use Alkyd based oil paint to protect wooden surfaces in kitchen and bathroom cabinets from getting spoilt or turning yellow.

Whatever Your Wood Paint pick might be, always pair it with a suitable Primer for a Perfect Wood Polish.

Tannin- a reaction caused by wood and paint results in chipping off the paint. A primer acts as a barrier between wood and paint, protecting both the painting effort and wood quality. Pick an oil-based primer rather than a water-based primer for a more long-lasting effect.

Indigo Paints is your one-stop destination for wood paint types. We hope our step by step guide gave you clarity on what type of paint to use for which furniture. If this information has helped in your DIY wood painting attempt, also check out how to smoothly paint on wood:

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