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Design Ideas For Your Home Based On Colour Of The Year 2023

Design Ideas For Your Home Based On Colour Of The Year 2023

The Pantone Colour of the Year is a coveted title that has been awarded by the Pantone Colour Institute since 2000. Every year, they pick a colour that will represent the colour trends for that particular year, and in 2023 it’s Viva Magenta. So what does this mean for those who are looking to give their home a makeover? Well, to stay ahead of the trends while still having an aesthetically pleasing space, look no further than Viva Magenta. From bedrooms to kitchens, here are some design ideas to transform any space with this vibrant hue.

Use It As Wall Paint For A Vintage Touch

Vintage Themed Paint Colours

The vintage-inspired design is all about creating a feeling of nostalgia, and there’s no better way to do that than by using Viva Magenta as wall paint. This rich, bold hue will instantly transport one back in time, and it’s the perfect way to add a touch of personality to any space. Whether it is used in the living room or the bedroom, Viva Magenta is sure to make a statement.

Go For A Velvet Chair With This Colour

Velvet Chairs Ideas For House Interior

Velvet chairs are all the rage this year, and what better way to embrace the trend than with a Vivacious Magenta hue? This colour is guaranteed to make a statement in any space, whether it’s used as an accent or as the primary colour of the room. When pairing velvet chairs with other colours, be sure to keep the overall palette relatively muted so that the Magenta pieces really stand out.

Use It As A Subtle Accent Colour

Magenta Themed Paint Colours

Incorporating Viva Magenta into home décor can be a great way to add a touch of drama and excitement. Here are some ideas for how to use this vibrant colour as a subtle accent:
1. Paint one wall in a Viva Magenta hue, or use Magenta as an accent colour in wallpaper or fabric patterns.
2. Incorporate Magenta into artwork or photography.
3. Use Magenta flowers as part of the home’s centrepieces or arrangements.

Incorporate Them In Pillow Cases, Sheets Or Curtains

Viva Magenta Curtains For Living Room

This can be a great way to add a touch of glamour and luxury to the space, as well as make a bold statement. If unsure about where to start, we have put together some design ideas to help get started. To keep things simple, try adding a Viva Magenta pillow case or a sheet set to existing bedding. This can be a great way to inject some colour into the space without going too overboard. For something a little more dramatic, why not try hanging Viva Magenta curtains in the living room or bedroom? This will create a real focal point in the space and is sure to make an impact. For those who are feeling quite adventurous, why not paint one of the walls with this rich colour? This can be a great way to make a real statement and is sure to turn heads.

Go For Magenta-Themed Kitchen Utensils

Magenta Themed Kitchen Ideas

When it comes to kitchen utensils, there’s no better way to add a pop of colour than with Viva Magenta. This vibrant hue is perfect for adding a touch of fun and personality to any cooking space. Plus, it’s a great way to show off some character. Here are some of our favourite Magenta-themed kitchen utensils that are sure to make a statement:

1. A set of Magenta kitchen knives: These knives are both sharp and stylish. They’ll make meal prep a breeze and they’ll look great in the kitchen.

2. Magenta Cooking Utensils: A must-have for any home cook, these utensils will brighten up the kitchen and make cooking more fun.

3. Magenta Dish Towels: These towels are absorbent and stylish. They’ll make cleanup easy and they’ll add a splash of colour.

4. Magenta Oven Mitts: Protect the hands from the heat with Viva Magenta-themed oven mitts. They’re sure to brighten up any baking sessions.

Opt For Viva Magenta Rugs For A Regal Vibe

For those looking to add a touch of regality to their homes this year, consider opting for Viva Magenta rugs. It’s a beautifully bold hue that can really make a statement in any space. Whether it’s a vibrant Magenta rug for the living room or a more subdued shade for the bedroom, this colour is sure to add some personality to the home.
Pantone Colour of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta is a bold and exciting hue that will bring life and vibrancy to any home. With its versatility and variety, there are so many design ideas one can explore with this colour in mind. From floor coverings, furniture pieces, and beddings, to window treatments, artwork or statement lighting, the possibilities are endless! Want to experiment more with Viva Magenta? please visit our colour combination section for more ideas.

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