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About Us

About Us

We dare to be different. We do observe what others do but only to decide what we should not be doing. We are not scared to venture on the un-trodden path, as only by doing so will we continue to be innovative, nimble-footed, and continue to surprise you with regularity.

We will always stand out in the crowd of paint manufacturers. Our innovative approach forces others to imitate us. We are happy to be the trendsetter in the paint industry.

We commit ourselves to continually surprise you with our product offerings and approach.

By dedicating ourselves to satisfying true customer needs, without being irresponsible to harm their health in the process.

By taking care of the needs of the paint applicator, an artist in our minds who beautifies your house with his humble hands.

By building a corporate team that everyone envies and wishes to join and taking care of the needs of every member.

And watch us in the years to come; we will continue to lead the rest in innovation.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference”

-Robert Frost


Started in the year 2000, Indigo Paints had a modest beginning. It started out with the manufacture of lower-end Cement paints, and gradually expanded its range to cover most segments of water-based paints like Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Distempers, Primers, etc. From an early age, the Company spread its footprints across the country, with the rapid expansion of its reach across India. Today the Company stands out as one of the strongest contenders in the Indian paint industry, being rated as an innovative paint manufacturer, which keeps coming out with unique products never before offered in the country.

Over time, the Company found its niche in the paint industry through innovation. It kept churning out bright new ideas for painting solutions, with alarming regularity. Gradually, the industry began looking upon the Company as a futuristic thinker and a storehouse of new product development.

With changing time and trends, Indigo Paints revamped its identity showcasing a new wave of thinking by the Company. A few years ago it clubbed all its multiple brands for different product categories into a single umbrella brand “INDIGO”. A new logo for the brand and the Company was created, which accurately reflected the core philosophy of the organization. The logo design was extended to all packaging design and other forms of corporate communication.

Indigo Old Logo
Old Logo
Indigo New Logo
New Logo

Our Philosophy

Setting new work strategies, innovative product development and market research fundamentals, while keeping the spirit of wonderment intact, Indigo Paints has stood out in a class of its own from its fellow competitors.

The ability to innovate and provide surprising results and never-thought-of approaches for deeper understanding of market insights has been the key differentiator.

Brand Indigo stands for unexpected solutions to painting needs

Indigo’s products reflect this philosophy completely:

  • India’s first Metallic paint, which gives a unique look to your walls
  • India’s first Floor Coat paint, which can withstand any vehicular traffic
  • Unique Ceiling Coat paint, for brighter and whiter ceilings
  • First-of-its-kind Tile Coat paint for roofs, which gives an excellent glossy look
The Indigo brand identity has two parts:

(a) A visual: a zebra with multi-coloured stripes, instead of just black and white ones, to dramatize the ‘unexpected’ nature of the brand’s solutions.

Indigo Paints New Logo

(b) A brand line that succinctly sums up what the brand stands for.

Indigo Be Surprised logo

Our Team

Against a backdrop of an annual attrition rate of about 25% in the Indian paint industry, Indigo Paints stands out with a low attrition rate – a figure it has consistently achieved over the last 5 years. Our Team is very young and dynamic. There are very few levels of hierarchy, and the organizational structure is lean. People have a high degree of independence, and a very high sense of ownership and responsibility. The atmosphere at workplace is friendly and family-like, but ruthlessly efficient and goal oriented. There is a concept of profit sharing all across the organization, which serves to reward the productive personnel very well. You are welcome to join the team….but you may not be able to leave !