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10 wall colour ideas for every room in the house

10 wall colour ideas for every room in the house

Choosing the best room paint colors for your walls can be perplexing at times. A perfect house color gives a sense of refreshment and doesn’t make you feel bored with it so that you don’t have to think of repainting the walls soon. Room painting has evolved ever since modernization and technology stepped into our lives. So we are here to make it easy for you to choose from a wide array of colors.

We have accumulated 10 best room paint colors to make your walls look more beautiful than ever.

Turquoise: Best for bathroom

The beginning of your day starts with spending a little time in your washroom. So we are sure you want it to keep light and soothing. We recommend turquoise for your bathroom for a fresh start of your day.

Bright green: Best for your living rooms

Bright green is the best house color for your interior. Any shade of green (be it zest or earthy) gives a feel of greenery. You’ll feel closer to nature. Bright green will work wonders for your rooms and room color design as well.

Yellow: Light your kitchen with yellow hue

Thinking what would best suit your kitchen? We must say light yellow is the right color to paint your kitchen. Not a morning person? Having your morning meal in a yellow kitchen increases your appetite. Yellow hue is the sign of energy.

Light violet: The bedroom color

So you need a color that compliments your room color design too. What’s better than coloring your bedroom with light violet? Violet is a soothing color that can stimulate romantic feelings. And who doesn’t want that?

Orange color: Family room

Brighten up your family room by painting red color onto your walls. Orange inspires to be creative in a unique way.

Orange Colour Family Room

Give it a dark shot: Office room

Paint your office room with a dark blue hue. Dark blue prompts energy, strength and confidence.

Bold red: Works well for home gym

Though red is a sign of danger, this bold and bright shade of red is sure to make you feel energized. The red color can enhance your physical performance at the gym.

Warm white: Make it warm for dining rooms

You can’t go with any random color when it comes to the dining room. A warm white will suit the best in your dining room. It gives a sense of welcoming tone.

Light pink hue: Great for busy spaces

Paint busy spaces with light shade pink. This light hue gives a soothing and calm feeling. Also, it gives a deep relaxation.

Jade: Feel tranquility in your bedroom

Your room color design will look extremely pretty with this green hue. This leafy green color makes a tranquil atmosphere to lie down.

Room painting is necessary whether you are building a new house or recoloring your walls. Thinking of coloring your walls? Try these room paint colors this time to get astonishing results like never before.


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