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Tips and tricks to decorate your balcony

Tips and tricks to decorate your balcony

Balconies are always the versatile areas of your house.

This is the zone where you prefer to sip your morning cup of coffee, soaking yourself in the morning sun and fresh air.

It is here you want to party and chill out with your loved ones.

And this is the area where you want to sit quietly with your favourite book wanting no one to disturb you.

Here are some wall paint and decor ideas from Indigo to add a zing to your balcony and make it
more appealing for you to cherish.

1. Add vibrant wall paints and ceiling finishes:

Balcony decoration ideas

Colours have the potential to vocalise the feelings of the people inhabiting the place. The wall paints of the balcony along with fresh air plays an imperative role to elevate your mood and freshen your mind. Bright and sunny paint ideas not only act as decorative paint but also enhances the look of your house exterior. It is also advisable to keep the colours of the balcony in contrast to your other exterior walls.

The ceiling is another important dimension for the balcony. The finish of the ceiling can be wooden and painted. But in either choice, the covering of the surface with durable paint and finish makes the entire look of the balcony complete and absolute. You can see here how wood paints from Indigo will enhance the look of your furniture and protect it from external weather.

2. Play with wall paint designs in exterior textures:

Exterior decorative paints are such which not only add character to your wall but also makes it look a class apart. Wall paint designs like stucco and other trowel designs create a drama in otherwise plain wall paint and appealing exterior finishes. These finishes are low maintenance, classy, trendy and can make you feel like you are in a different area of your house.
Even after a long and a hectic day or after getting to spend your entire day inside the housebreak the monotony with this mark off. The texture of wall paint designs gives you freedom of zones and spaces. You can enjoy this space in both small and bigger balconies.

3. When the floor of the balcony can be painted with Indigo floor coat emulsions:

Indigo PU Floor coat is a polyurethane modified coating for paver blocks, cement tiles & concrete floors. It is designed to provide long-lasting protection from sunlight, rain & abrasion keeping your walkways & driveways looking beautiful with a glossy film. With coating on the floor with this paint, you can create different colours and keep your floor durable and colourful for longer.

4. Laying wooden furniture with wooden paints to protect the surfaces:

Laying Wooden Furniture With Wooden Paints - Decorate Balcony

What is a balcony without a comfortable place to sit and relax?

Furniture pieces like chairs, coffee tables, wooden folding furniture to suit your style can be placed in the balcony with the proper utilisation of spaces and creating comfortable zones.

This furniture can be in metal or wood of exterior grade to suit the decor of your place.

Wooden furniture can be coated with wooden paint to protect its surfaces from the external environment. The wood paints from Indigo are made keeping in mind the look and the long life of your furniture.

5. Adding vibrant colour cushions with water-resistant fabric:

Vibrant Colour Cushions With Water-resistant Fabric - Decorate Balcony

Cushions and the comfortable seats of your furniture can make your balcony a place to go to in almost any time of the day.

When you get to feel the comfort of the place, your mind creates wonders.

The combination of decorative wall paints and comfortable sitting can be an ideal choice for your mind and body to relax and have that long-awaited friend get together.

6. Adding lights that enhance the look of the exterior wall colours in your balcony:

The impact of lights on the colours of the wall is substantial and has its own character.

The light effect can create a measurable impact with some concealed and focused light fittings.

Light helps in pulling out the right texture and character of your decorative wall paints and can also change the mood of the place. On the contrary, if the lights are not used well, the same walls can look downright depressing and flat.

7. Incorporation of flowering plants to suit your area and style along with decorative paints:

Who doesn’t like flowers and greens in their spaces? These have a soothing effect on your mind and soul. The flowers, in combination with some ornamental plants, add a pronounced effect in your balcony. You can always remember to relax yourself in your self-maintained garden with lots of flowers blooming to welcome you in the space. This opens up an opportunity to also mention that these colourful flowers are an addition to the wall paint colours that are already complementing your style and taste.

8. Adding a barbeque to space with countertop:

If space allows in your balcony, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a barbeque in a corner—the most relevant choice for your parties and get-togethers which makes your balcony a very sought after option. To save your walls and ceiling from barbeques heat, application of the right choice of fire and heat resistant paints can enhance the life of your walls many folds. Now happily inviting your near and dear ones for a sizzling and mouth-watering tikkas for dinners will be your favourite breather.

There is a lot that can be done with this space in your house with the correct use of paints, lights and furniture.

When done correctly, this area becomes the soul of your house and your retrieving zone.


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