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Amp Up the Style Quotient of Your Décor: 5 Minimalistic Wall Paint Ideas

Amp Up the Style Quotient of Your Décor: 5 Minimalistic Wall Paint Ideas

Home interiors have come a long way since the times when all you needed was a splash of colour to liven up your walls. Today, textures and designs on accent walls are sought after and commonly seen in homes and workplaces.

Wall paint designs can take many forms and styles and can dramatically change the look of the space. The buzz of activity on your walls is sure to take your décor up a notch. Let’s look at how you can amp up your décor with good quality wall paint.

Blending of colours wall paint

1. The blended effect

While different methods of dressing up your walls have become popular, the blending of colours on your walls will never go out of style. Greys, moss green, turquoise, and earthy colours are popular shades. Two tones of the same colour work well to achieve a cloud-like effect.

You can use rollers, sponges or even scrunched up paper to achieve the effect you want. What’s more, it’s so easy to experiment on sheets of paper before you start on your wall.

Tips and tricks

● Apply darker tone first, then build up with the lighter shade.

● You don’t need to restrict yourself to just two shades. You can add a quirky look by adding contrasting tones too.

● Let the base coat dry before you begin.

2. The glorious metallic look

Glorious metal design wall paint

This exhilarating finish is almost a work of art! The starkness of this dark wall embellished with metallic glitter is breathtaking and adds an element of mystery and class to your decor. You can add copper or brass elements to your decor to elevate the design on the wall or achieve an antique gold look. Maybe some copper plates on the wall? Or a vintage mirror? You be the judge.

It is surely the ideal interior paint design idea!

Tips and tricks

● Get a proper finish on your wall.

● Start with a base coat of black paint.

● Dry brush the metallic finish emulsion paint on your wall.

● Let the strokes do the talking!

3. Stone structure wall with paint

Stone texture paint master bedroom

While wall paint design ideas abound, nothing beats the magnificence of a stone structure effect! You can achieve the stone finish by applying the base coat and following up with multicolour emulsion paint. The flecks of colour scattered over the base coat give your wall dimension and a surreal feel.

This cave effect is perfect for a rustic appeal and will work wonderfully with wooden furniture, rough durries and woven cushions. It goes perfectly with contemporary decor as well.

Tips and tricks

● Prime the wall before you apply the base coat.

● You can apply the multicolour paint using a roller or a texture gun.

● You can opt for multiple coats.

4. The ombre look

Ombre wall paint is easy to execute and adds interest to your interior wall paint design. Sea green and turquoise are ideal for this style as they bring the feel of the sea into your room. You can start with the darker shade on the bottom and gradually lighten the colour as you climb up the wall. However, you don’t have to let these parameters bind you. Other colours will work just as well, depending on your taste and mood. Reds and oranges diffusing into white can give your room vibrancy and warmth.

Tips and tricks

● Leave the skirting white for added impact.

● Sand coloured accents, wickerwork and shell artefacts are a good choice for this look if using blue tones.

● Brass, metallics and wood will be perfect for the red ombre wall.

5. The drama of stripes

The magic of streaked walls! The lines do not have to be of the same thickness, nor do you need precision. Let the strokes of paint criss-cross across the wall in tones of the same shade. Or, you can go wild with a multicoloured look. You can use masking tape to keep the paint within the lines. Let the first colour dry off before you begin to paint another colour.

Your colour options? Tones of grey, turquoise blue or green for a sober effect. If you want youth and vibrancy, you can opt for a combination of pastel greens, blues and pinks.

Tips and tricks

● Be gentle when removing the masking tape to avoid ripping off the paint.

● Let the lines streak across the wall for better impact.

● You can start with a base coat of white or light grey and then build up the colours as you go along.

● A gradation can work too on your wall decoration colour.

Wall painting is an exhilarating experience that will set the mood in your décor. Remember, while these techniques are easy to implement, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t let it overwhelm you! Call in the experts to do the job for you!

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