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What is the best colour combination for walls in summer?

What is the best colour combination for walls in summer?

Summer is a season full of life. The mere thought of summers reminds us of the fragrance of misty grass and sunshine. Right at the onset of Summers, we have summer break, which means two months at home with children around! It is vital to maintain a positive atmosphere at home. We at Indigo Paints firmly believe in the power of colours to alter our moods.

Now, choosing paint combinations for walls is not easy. The walls of our home are a significant part of our personality. While choosing wall colour combinations during summers, give your walls a soothing touch with Indigo paints.

This season, Indigo Paints brings you a guide on wall paint combinations that will complement the tone and the aura of your home.

Summer bright colours for Wall Paint

1. Graceful greens and light yellow:

Green is pleasing to the eyes. A colour we often associate with nature. The greenness of your homes along with the light shade of yellow gives a soothing effect of nature. It brings your home to life. The palette is soothing to your eyes and mind; undoubtedly a good choice for the room colour combination.

2. Coral blue and pale white:

This is a wall paint colour combination that reminds us of the ocean and the sparkling water. Coral blue can help the wall of your home to set apart and the pale white gives a blissful contrast to the home. The wall blue is a perfect way to keep the morning blues away.

3. Blissful Purple and Cream:

This house painting colour combinations signifies passion, romance, and power. The colour ignites the creative sensation in us and helps get a feeling of relaxation. The purple along with the cream serves as a perfect bedroom colour combination which radiates serenity and adds colour to the life of your home.

4. Wheat Brown and Yellow:

Wheat brown connects us instantly to nature. It brings texture and depth of sand on the beaches to your home. The palette gives the home an airy sensation and brightens up your home during summers.

5. Cadet Grey and Cottony White:

This colour scheme serves as a wonderful alternative to the darker shades. Greys are an amazing choice for all furniture enthusiasts. It will give your home a classic look.

Give a lasting matte finish to your walls with:

An extra effort to maintain the energies of our homes goes a long way. Our beautiful home requires extra care and change during each season. Indigo wall paints offer a wide variety of choices which will help you build your dream home. So, this season chooses the perfect house painting colour combinations for different rooms in your home because what is life without colours!


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