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Outdoor paint combinations to try on home exterior

Outdoor paint combinations to try on home exterior

As humans, we have been bombarded with the variety of choices through-out our entire life, whether it be with career, life partners, or, for instance, choosing your favourite ice-cream flavour. The available options are immense, and to reach a conclusion can be ambiguous and nerve-racking. Adding to this list is the dream of having a perfect, cozy home in a neighborhood that we like.

But perfecting this dream doesn’t end at having a beautiful interior and with any good-old enamel to protect your home. Hence, while choosing the outdoor paint colours, you need to invest a certain amount of time to create the best exterior for your home, which is welcoming and protects your home.

And today, we will go through a list of outdoor house paint combinations that will suit your modern and sleek neighborhood.

Outdoor paint combinations for your perfect home

Golden brown, blue, and mustard yellow- Does your rich and elegant home have red or dark roofing? And make you wonder about the perfect outdoor wall paint colour which will make your home look regal and modern. Then you can go with this golden brown, blue, and mustard yellow combination, which creates a statement in your neighborhood. The warm golden brown will absorb the right amount of sunshine, while the statement blue will break the monochrome look by creating attractive highlights of mustard yellow for the house.

Golden brown, blue, and mustard yellow

Powder blue, daffodil yellow, and Cream- Are you planning to shift to a more modern looking home? Are you the one with an ardent love for light exterior colours as outdoor paints? The trending colours like powder blue and daffodil yellow can bring the right amount of attractiveness to the whole house, with cream wall paint making the right highlights for the home. This outdoor house colour combination has the right amount of serenity like the ocean, breaking you from the busy hubbubs of life and making you at peace.

Exterior painted wall of bunglow

Orange, yellow, and white– Be mindful that your house does not need to have lots of exterior decorations or architecture to create a magnificent effect. Even a dainty looking colourful garden enveloping a bright sunny outdoor wall paint is as pretty as Zurich scenery. And to create such a pretty attractive outdoor house colour, the bright sunny yellow and the fresh tangerine orange with white for frames is an excellent attractive choice. This dainty yet bright combination will speak volumes in appraisal for your home.

Orange, yellow, and white

Grey, orange, and cream- Not everyone prefers bright colours for their home, but a little pop of tangerine orange with the subtlety of grey in the backdrop of cream and dark highlighters for frames is a classic modern look for the present time. It is a known fact that the outdoor paint colours represent yourself and represent the locality you live in as your home blends in with the neighbourhood. India is a sunlit country, and with progressing urbanisation in every nook and corner, this grey, tangerine orange, and cream paints can be the perfect outdoor house paint combination.

Pink and honey- As sweet as the shades may suggest, similar is the effect of the Indigo Exterior Emulsion on the exterior walls of your house. Making the onlookers agree that pink doesn’t only look good on clothes but also the bright sunny side of a friendly neighborhood. The lighter shades like pink and honey as the outdoor paints can reflect more light creating a very softening yet enchanting outlook.

Shades of blue- This millennium welcomes eccentricities with open hands, and in that comes shades of blue. The outdoor wall paint combination with turquoise blue and electric blue with subtle ivory shades can create a perfect modern home. The colour combination is unique in its pretext, but they have the best calming and charming effect for a modern locality. And when this exterior gets accentuated with brilliant exterior artifacts and lightings, they can be awe-strucking.

White, green, and yellow- Simplicity is the humblest form, and in that comes the pristine white. The pearl white on the outdoor wall paint is a classic elegant choice as it can blend with any colour of your choice, thus creating a beautiful exterior. But if you are looking for some break from the usual, and want some theatrical drama with bold colours for your house, then dark green can be a perfect solution. The pristine white brings in subtleness, while the bold green can create a fresh, attractive canvas for your home.

White, green, and yellow

Red and yellow- India is the land of colours, and we never shy away from trying out vibrant colours; fortunately, they look stunning on our homes under the tropical sun. And the love for bright red with the hues of butter yellow can be a dazzling, attractive head-turner choice for the outdoor wall paints.

Above are some outdoor colour combinations preferred by the people while choosing outdoor paints for their homes. Remember to pick the outdoor house paint based on the locality you are residing in and your house’s architecture. Do ensure to use a standard weather shield outdoor paint for your home, like that of Indigo Exterior emulsions, which can protect your home from harsh climates while maintaining its regal beauty.


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