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Should I paint the interior of my house one colour?

Should I paint the interior of my house one colour?

We all are constantly looking for something fun and unique in our lives to break the monotony of daily routine. Home is an important part of our life. Change in the interior wall painting of your house is the change that can alter your mood and rejuvenate you from within.


Colours can have a positive effect on our mood. Interior house colours reflect our personality. After a tiring day at work, we all want to return to a space that is comfortable and gives us a sense of connection which is why it is essential to select the perfect colour scheme for the interior walls of our homes.


There are a lot of inhibitions associated with painting the walls of your homes in multiple colours. However, one colour for your inner walls can prove to be boring. Colours add life to your house and turn it into a home. Anyway, choosing a single colour for your entire house can be a tough choice. You might end up getting frustrated and painting the entire house white, well what’s fun about that?


In today’s article, we will tell you why choosing a single colour to paint your home is not a good idea and why colour schemes are a good idea!


• Shifting of colour from one room to another:

Choosing one paint can indeed be an easy task. Still, it is also true that one single colour may not have the same effect in every room. Each room is different, and elements such as lighting, area and natural light are essential, and to be taken into consideration. This makes it essential to choose a colour scheme from Indigo paints according to space.


• Adding colour to your life:

It is true that colour affects our lives. For instance, dark interior wall paint adds texture and depth to the room. Lighter interior house colours are preferred if the room is small with no natural light.

Interior house colours

• Getting creative:

We all want to put our creativity into our homes and choosing the colours according to the room setup can boost that creativity and provide us with satisfaction.

One can avoid making mistakes by testing a sample colour on any one wall and see how it looks during the day and night. This will give one an idea as to what suits the room and what colour scheme would be best for that space. The colour scheme from Indigo Paints is helpful. Contact Indigo Paints today to get the best hands-on advice and choose the perfect interior wall paints for your home.


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