Must-try Paint Colours for Your Home in the Summer

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May 28, 2022

Are you planning to give your home a Midas touch and upgrade its appearance? It’s time to paint the home with fresh summer colours to give it a much-needed makeover. The choice of house painting colours, both on the interior and exterior, makes a significant difference. Brighten up your days and lift that mood this summer with an assortment of home painting colour combinations.

Things to keep in mind before painting

One has to consider the different elements such as temperature and leakage problems that can have an impact after the interior house paint settles. Monsoon is an invisible foe that traps moisture and causes leakages and hairline cracks due to poor waterproofing. The constant weathering caused by torrential rain chips off the paint from the walls. If there are wet patches on the ceiling, walls or the corners, there is probably a drainage block near that area which is causing the water to seep into the walls. All the cracks and minor fractures on the walls, ceiling, and corners should be filled with putty before painting begins. Otherwise, it won’t last for very long.

Once the surface is scraped, fix the loose plaster before moving on to painting. Outer walls must be coated with external weatherproof treatments to minimise water leakage. A weatherproof finish will act as a buffer between your property and rain, preventing damp walls. Say goodbye to the monsoon worries and welcome the summers in style as you freshly paint the home with a vivid colour selection.

There are different types of home paint colours available according to your requirements, such as Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Paint, Premium XT Exterior Paint, and Leakproof Emulsion. It is better to paint early during the season to avoid any rot from the leakage and the water damage. This helps in achieving the finish that stretches the lifespan and the quality of the paint.

Colours for Summer

Here is a list of colours that will brighten your summer days:


A bright yellow is a true colour that embodies the summer in its truth. This tone of the colour can become the focal point of your living room with an accent wall within the space. One can create harmony by adding contrasting furnishing to create a cheerful space.

Capri blue

Coral blue, Capri blue, and turquoise are the first choices in interior designers nowadays, as these shades depict beauty and calmness, and the tone is perfect for a summer space in your home. To add this serene yet vivid colour to your home, coat your bathroom walls in this stunning oceanic colour or make a textured accent wall in your kitchen.

Emerald green

The fresh and vivid tones of emerald green blend with nature. It creates a bright yet earthy vibe with its subtle shade on the walls. This vibrant hue of this wall paint is enhanced by indoor plants. When matched with similar coloured bed furnishings, it will give your room a lovely summer colour palette.

Citrusy lemon

Lemon-yellow paint colour for house interior walls can bring zesty tones of summertime to your home. Lemon yellow walls work well in children’s bedrooms and baths. This bright but lively summertime wall colour looks great with beige furnishings and accents.

Terracotta and ivory

The combination of ivory and terracotta brings a natural calm to the space and creates a vintage vibe. Furthermore, combining the tone with ivory will make it less overpowering. For a natural, rustic appeal, consider a brown two-colour mix for bedroom walls.

Charcoal and mint

This two-colour bedroom wall arrangement is one of the greatest mixed palettes in recent years. This colour scheme for the bedroom walls is both subtle and calming. The hazy green and warm charcoal create a soothing, incredibly simple ambience.

Summertime is a time of pleasant feelings and bright sunshine. It’s an exciting and upbeat time of year. Welcoming the season into your home means embracing all of the season’s joys in your residence, and what better way to appreciate summertime at home than with beautiful summer home interior colour shades?

It’s an exciting and upbeat time of year. Welcoming the season into your home probably brings all of the season’s joys into your home, and what better way to appreciate summer at home than with cool summer colours? So go ahead and design your summer-themed interior. You can use any of these cool summer home paint combinations to paint your entire house or just one room. Have a wonderful summer, and schedule an appointment with Indigo Paints for more summer interior design inspirations.

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