Experiment With 5 Calming Colours for Your Children’s Bedroom

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October 26, 2021

Gone are the days when kids would sleep in the same room as their parents or occupy the spare room when they grew up. Today, the planning for a kid’s room starts even before the child is born. From modern and child-friendly cribs to calming bedroom paint colours, there are so many things that go into creating a fun, calm, and safe space for your child.

When you think of kid-friendly colours, what is the first that comes to your mind? Pink for girls and blue for boys? While many girls love pink, making it a generalisation is nothing but conforming to stereotypes! Let’s say you decide to paint the back of your child’s crib to look like a scene out of Jungle Book. What if the child grows up and finds the lion decal scarier than fun?

So, before you finalise the palette, read on to find out how colour combinations for bedroom walls can affect your child’s mood and behaviour and what are the top 5 calming colours for bedrooms. Happy reading!

Greens, Blues, Purples – How Colours Change the Mood of a Space

When you see a lavender meadow, does it inspire happiness? Or do you feel calm in a space that has a lot of blues? Well, colour psychology is a real thing, and there’s a lot of research that talks about how specific colours elicit emotions more than others. Since children are already more sensitive to external factors, choosing the right bedroom colour combination is more important.

Common Bedroom Wall Colours that Work Wonderfully for Your Child’s Room

1. A Dash of Red to Bring Out Cheerful Thoughts

Red is one of the most popular colours in the spectrum. Different cultures have different meanings for red, but almost all refer to reds as fun, lively, exciting and bold. Warmer tones, in general (from the longer side of the wavelength), can spruce up an otherwise dull space. But, when doing up an entire room, don’t go overboard with red. Maybe just an accent wall (or two) and a few red elements in furnishings and décor, and you are good to go. Too much red can have a negative effect on a child who is already excitable and restless.

2. The Goodness of Life in Shades of Orange

While you have to be careful with reds, another colour from the same tonal family works just as well (even better)! Orange is slowly but surely gaining popularity amongst Indian parents and for good reasons!

It is a warm and inviting colour that immediately sets the mood for happy thoughts and good vibes! According to colour psychologists, orange exuberates confidence and is the best choice for children who suffer from social anxiety. If you include lots of orange tones (and there are so many shades you can choose) in your child’s bedroom, you will notice how often his friends want to come over from lively chats and slumber parties!

3. Bring the Outside, Inside with Green

Green is undoubtedly the hero of the colour spectrum when you talk about children’s room colour combinations. A natural colour, green, is calming to the eyes and is one colour that even older children love.

If you want to see your child read faster and comprehend better, paint the walls green and include lots of small bits and pieces of green by way of décor, rugs, sheets, etc.

Choose a muted tone of green like jade or army greens if you want your kids never to get bored. It helps in reducing anxious thoughts and helps them focus better.

4. Calm their Minds with Shades of Blue

Without conforming to norms or stereotypes, blue is still one of the most popular colours for a child’s room, any room for that matter. It is not only calming and relaxing, but it also gives you ample space to play around with themes and styles.

From a psychological point of view, blue has the opposite effect of red and lowers excitement. So, if you have a restless child, giving them, a blue space can do wonders in calming their nerves.

5. Build a Creative (and Royal) Space with Purple

The colour of many royal families, purple, is traditionally associated with confidence and high ambitions. However, the latest research shows that this quirky and off-beat colour is linked to creativity, passion, spirituality, and knowledge. So, if you want to create a space that inspires new thoughts and passion in your child, use purple as an accent wall or even add a deco wall mural and wallpapers in different shades.

Summing Up

When it comes to their kids, parents today leave nothing to chance. From their clothes to their school, parents want a say for as long as they can. The same is for their bedroom colour. So, if you are looking for painting #inspiration for your child’s room, get in touch with our experts today!

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