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Ways to decorate and protect your interior walls during holi

Ways to decorate and protect your interior walls during holi

The time to play with colours and sing songs at the top of your voice is here. Holi is just readying to knock at your door and stain you with the shades of joy and love. On 10 March, let not only your spirits but also your home interior walls resonate with the mood of the festival. By just decorating your walls, you can give your entire house a makeover.

But regardless of whether your walls are decorated or not, you wouldn’t want them looking like they have played Holi as well! So, here’s how to decorate your home walls and also how to protect them during Holi.

3 Easy decorating ideas for your home walls for Holi

Decorating your interior walls during Holi is pure fun. And it is quite easy and quick, too; even when you start doing it a day before the festival.

1. Colour your interior walls

For the festival of Holi, it makes sense to give a fresh paint of colour to your home walls. It will bring in the vibe of the festival and also make your house look new and refreshing. Pick dark, vibrant colour palettes to usher in the festival.

2. Add colourful flower hangings

Holi comes during the spring season and thus, you have a choice to create beautiful wall hangings made from flowers. You can gather fresh flowers in different colours from your garden or the shops. You can create simple, bandhanwar style hangings or go with elaborate ones to make your home walls look like a blooming garden.

Colour your interior walls

3. Hang a cheerful, colourful painting

Another easy, less expensive and quick way to decorate your interior wall during Holi is to give it an artistic touch with a painting. And this one you will want to keep even after the festival is over. Get a painting that uses bright shades to display the art and make it a perfect addition to your walls for the occasion.

Protect your home wall during Holi in 3 ways

Now that you have colourful wall interiors ready, you can invite your guests, chat, laugh and play without worrying about harming your walls.

1. Add a coat of anti-stain varnish on the walls

Before you make a list of dishes to prepare, before you go Holi shopping, before you do anything else, you need to apply a coat of anti-stain varnish on your interior walls. This is to protect your walls from marks and stains from Holi colours. The anti-stain coating will ensure the marks come off easily and there’s no damage to your wall paint.

2. Wash the walls with soft hands

Do not rub your stain laden walls too hard or you might cause more damage to them than the stains have. Dab the walls softly using a cotton towel dipped in water to smoothly remove the stains.

Wash the walls with soft hands

3. Move all the furniture closer to the wall

This is to protect both your furniture and walls. By shifting your furniture towards the wall, you leave more space in the room to allow guests to enjoy without sprinkling the furniture with colours. And this will also ensure the more accessible parts of your walls remain hidden behind the furniture and, thus, well-protected from unmindful, colourful hands.


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