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Why Two-Colour Combinations Work Best for Living Rooms?

Why Two-Colour Combinations Work Best for Living Rooms?

Your homes comprise several rooms, and the most important one is the living room. The family and guests will spend most of their time socializing in the living room. Instead of a monotone, most families opt for two-Colour combinations for the living room.

Colours speak a mysterious language with your soul. When using colours to beautify your living space, you are doing a lot more on different levels. Colours help you create a space that reflects your personality, inspire moods, develop a theme for your décor, and, more importantly, allow you to play around with lighting in that space.

This scheme helps enhance the feel of the space and emphasizes key elements in the room, including but not limited to the furniture and paintings. Interesting, right? Read on to find out more about different wall Colour combinations for the living room.

Trendiest Hall Wall Colour Combinations for the Living Room

While there are seemingly infinite combinations and painting options available for you, there are some really interesting options that cross everyone’s minds. Let’s look at a few interesting two-Colour combinations for living room walls.

A Slice of Orange with a Shade of Grey

Orange is a Colour that brings in warmth in any room. When you want to create a modern-day feel in the room, grey could be teamed up with orange to create an unconventional pair. A lighter shade of grey on a limited space would help create a highlight in the room powered by orange.

The combination would also allow you to experiment with white sofas, cabinets, and tables. A sweet ratio of these Colours will certainly hit the happy spot every time someone walks into the living space.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Best two Colour Combination for Master bedroom

When you think of nature, green and brown are the two Colours that would pop up in the form of trees. An excellent Colour combination for the living room, you can try dozens of light and dark tones that would help you create an outdoorsy, nature-like feeling. Popular advice is to have a darker shade of green with a lighter shade of brown. This combination will not steal the focus but will create a natural feel that enhances the room’s depth.

The Yin–Yang Theory

The Yin–Yang Theory - Two-Colour Combinations

Whenever you read about the Yin–Yang theory, you must have imagined the symbol used to signify this concept, which is related to dualism. Black and white meeting in a circle and each taking exactly half the space in that circle. Both Colours have equal importance as a two-Colour combination for walls.

Black and white are capable of providing a phenomenal contrast and, in the process, allow you to choose any furniture Colour that you may like. Think of the red bean bag or the vintage polished wooden rocking chair placed in front of either Colour. The Yin–Yang combination can never fail.

From the Far East

From the Far East - Two-Colour Combinations

If you want to venture into a Far East theme and want a regal look, using yellow and purple could be an interesting option. Shades of yellow cover up the majority of the portion and purple highlights specific areas, helping you create that oriental feel. Yellow as a Colour signifies happiness or brightness. It is often used to represent a higher status in society. Purple, on the other hand, signifies the North Star – the home to the Celestial Emperor. If the regal theme is too much for you, explore the use of lighter shades of both Colours and regulate the usage as you like.

Old is Gold

When you want a more ethnic look for two-Colour combination walls, using beige or white becomes the primary choice. These two Colours help in enhancing the brightness of the room and bringing a calming effect. As the second Colour, you could easily choose from various shades of red, blue, or green to create a modern feel and contrast of Colours while keeping it ethnic.

One of the biggest advantages of these shades is that the primary Colour is minimalistic and still compliments the bold secondary Colour.

The list of themes and Colour combinations could go on for weeks and months for your hall Colour combinations, yet we won’t be able to complete the list. Hence, to simplify your decision-making process, think of the following aspects when choosing your Colour combination.

From a maintenance perspective too, these paints are easy to clean, and stains can be cleaned off them efficiently. Thus, if you have children who may make messes and plan to paint your own home, water-based paints are your best bet.

● Choose Colours that excite you. It is your home. The Colours will create a space that should make you happy and promote a healthy living atmosphere.

● Think of a combination that would complement your furniture or allow you to give distinct features to the walls.

● Whether you choose standard, premium, or textured paints, take expert advice to ensure that the walls have been chemically treated in order to avoid damps and cracks in the future.

Summing Up

Repainting your walls is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your living room. Two-Colour combination walls are gaining all the popularity this year. So, why not revive the look of your living room and get in touch with Indigo Paints.

Happy Painting!


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