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Things to know before choosing a luxury paint

Things to know before choosing a luxury paint


The Indian paint market has grown considerably. The number of consumers has risen, their understanding of paint products and finishes has evolved, and the need for improvised solutions has increased. This has necessitated the evolution and introduction of better quality and greater variety in painting options available to them.

Luxury wall paint has fast become the most popular choice of house paints in almost all home spaces in the country. Luxury interior emulsions have taken over the market to provide quality, functional, and aesthetic solutions for all interior needs. Although available at a higher cost, the benefits of luxury interior paint have proven more relevant than the extra money that it commands.

Premium interior emulsions offer superior quality, better appeal, and robust experience to all interiors. Luxury paints are today more preferred by decorators, contractors, as well as consumers.

Types of Luxury Interior Paint

Green & Grey Combination Living Room

Selecting the right paint goes way beyond picking out a colour. A mix of colour and sheen can go a long way in creating the perfect effect. Luxury Interior paints today offer diverse options in the finishes available. Here are some that you can explore:

● High gloss: This kind of luxury house paint, as the name suggests, provides a great reflecting effect. It offers an almost mirror-like finish and adds a glossy accent to space. Among the various luxury house paint options, this is most durable and is ideal for high moisture areas. It is among the easiest luxury paints to maintain. High gloss luxury wall paint finds ideal use in bathrooms and exterior walls.

● Semi-gloss: As the name suggests, semi-gloss luxury paint has a slightly glossy tint to it. It creates a great effect as light reflects off its surface very well. Semi-gloss paint provides an ideal solution in places that retain moisture or stain easily. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Semi-gloss luxury paint works optimally in kitchens, kids’ rooms, and bathrooms. You could even try using it in your living room.

● Satin: Satin luxury interior paint is somewhat similar to semi-gloss paint, and has a little gloss. It is durable and easy to clean. It, however, can show up imperfections like cracks and patchy sections easily. Satin luxury paint is an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

● Eggshell: Eggshell luxury paint offers more depth than a flat paint, but has very little shine. It requires a moderate amount of care and maintenance and is usually a popular choice for living spaces, bedrooms, and passages.

● Matte: Matte luxury interior paint has a rich, velvety quality. This finish allows the best presentation of colour and depth. It is among the most commonly chosen finishes in luxury interior emulsions. Its ability to hide imperfections and wide usage in all spaces makes it the most preferred choice. However, it is among the most challenging luxury paints to maintain. You will need to refurbish matte paint most frequently.

● Textured paint: These luxury interior paints offer added embellishment to the interiors, and bring about elegance in look and feel. Textured luxury paint is hardy and durable, and finds easy application in almost all sections of your home.


Your Guide to Selecting Luxury Paint

Guide to Selecting Luxury Paint

Every space in a home has its peculiarities. This is why each room serves a different purpose and also is designed differently. The kind of luxury interior paint you choose, therefore, needs to cater to the nature and needs of your space. Here are some insights that can help guide you in making the right selection:


● High gloss paints are the ideal choice for spaces that hold a lot of moisture. If you have dull or dark colours, high gloss paints can help reflect them and add a dazzling look.

● Places in your house which are commonly frequented and prone to increased usage can do well with a satin finish. Children’s rooms and kitchens can be cleaned and maintained very easily with these luxury paint solutions.

● To understand finishes and how they look in various parts of your home, try using the colour in a certain section and let it dry fully. The same shade will appear differently based on the kind of interior luxury paint you choose. Observe the colour under different lights and imagine contrasts in your furnishings before you make your choice.

● Textured luxury paint not only adds class and style to your home but can also mask imperfections incredibly well. Use textures intelligently to break the monotony of the space and add character to your home.


Benefits of Choosing Luxury Paint

Benefits of Choosing Luxury Paint

In terms of both look and functionality, the benefits that you reap with the use of luxury interior paint go way beyond the added cost that you pay. These are just some ways your luxury house paint will fetch you great returns:

● Maintenance: Luxury paints are extremely easy to maintain. Mild soap and soft cloth can suffice in keeping your surfaces free from dust and stains. What’s more, the finish of your luxury interior paint will not deteriorate with time.

● Finish: The final effect of finish that luxury house paint can offer is incomparable. These paints make your house look elegant and stylish, help your home look more glamorous and rich in photographs, and enable your furnishings and interiors to stand out beautifully. If this isn’t your money’s worth, nothing else is.

● Durability: While regular paint requires an overhaul every two or three years, luxury interior paint can weather stains, washing, and rough use for as long as 5 or 6 years before it needs a facelift.

● Augmentation: Augmenting the looks of luxury paint is much easier. Colour contrasts stand out better, and textures and patterns available are unique to luxury interior paint alone. Brick, sandstone, and marble are just the beginning of the effects you can experiment with on your walls.


Painting your interiors is not something you often do. You hope that once you have your house painted and ready, you don’t have to worry about it for at least another 4 or 5 years. That means getting it right the first time. To enjoy the best in colour, quality, and longevity, ensure you choose the best luxury interior paint. Indigo offers a diverse range of luxury interior paints to decorate your house according to your taste. Brighter homes can brighten your lives.


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