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Theme based wall paint image for your newborn’s bedroom

Theme based wall paint image for your newborn's bedroom


Your home is a reflection of your personality, your mood, and your habits too. If not thought out properly, then your choice can have an impact on your mood. The walls of the interiors and the wall paints occupy a major portion of the house as they are viewed the most. You must be very careful about narrowing down the choices for wall paint colours as they will decide your house’s aesthetic and mood.

If you are about to welcome a newborn to the house, and have a special room dedicated to them, it must be according to the child. Plain boring walls without any design and texture will not look attractive at all. You can give the room an edge by putting up some interesting wall images with the help of colourful wall paints.

Wall Painting Colours Suitable for Newborn Babies

Colours are an important part of your home interiors. The wall’s painting colours you select affect the aesthetic of the place and also affects its mood and ambiance. If you are planning to give your room a makeover as a welcome gift to your newborn, you can go for the following interior wall paints:

· Cool Colours: Newly born babies are very tender. Their newness brings warmth to your home. Very cool colours like sea green, light blue, light magenta, lilac, etc., will be very suitable to decorate their rooms. You can also go for different variations of these colours as per your liking.

· Pastel Shades: Pastel colours are soft and pale colours on the internet. This definition resonates perfectly with the aura of an infant. Pastel in any hue can bring lightness and cool effect to a place. You can choose a range of pastel colours for your new wall paint design.

Pastel Shades

· Lively Colours: Being tender with colours does not mean going all boring and monotonous. Children also bring a spark to your life. You can reflect that through some vibrant yellow and orange splashes on your house wall paint.

Themes That Resonate with Newborn Babies

· Underwater: Underwater theme is one of the suitable picks as it can have colours and elements that are all relatable to kids. You can have blue and a lot of cartoon characters on your wall under this theme. Your newborn will grow very soon, and you will want them to entertain themselves. The big shark or the funny octopus on the wall would keep your child engrossed in its room. The underwater theme will also give a very soothing effect to the room. You can choose just two or three walls to go with the theme along with a solid coloured wall to have balance.


· Cartoons: Cartoon characters and tiny kids always gel well together. You can pick this theme without having any doubt in your mind. If you are at all divided before finalizing this theme, think of the wide array of options that you will get to explore under the same.


If you get blessed with a baby girl, you can go for the fairytales, Barbie themes, and other dolls. If you have a little boy, you can go to the superheroes and sports to start. It does not mean you have to differentiate these graphics based on gender. The above suggestion is a generic idea. You can go for anything and everything for anyone as per your liking.

· Solar System: Your kids will grow and learn many things by looking at their walls if you go for this theme. You can have a lot of textured paints for the satellites, so they pop out. It will create a lively and interesting atmosphere for your kid and its visitors to enjoy.

Solar System

As you design the place for kids, you must go for a lighter sky for the background as a dark sky can be a little uncomfortable and scary for small kids.

· Colour Blocking: This is one of those few themes that can never go wrong. Colour blocking is the little black dress of themes, the classic, you may call it. The evergreen charm that attracts all endlessly. You can go for a lot of colours all at once as your interior wall paint. Imagine the joy of being able to have all the colours from your wishlist on the wall together. Colour blocking allows you to experiment with a lot of possibilities. Guess what? You can use your wall paints in the future to teach your little kids different colours sitting right there on your comfy bed.

The Takeaway

Life is a gift, and you should make the most of it. Having a kid is a special feeling, and you should celebrate in every possible way. Renovating an already existing space to welcome your newborn can be one of the steps to start with.


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