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Tips on choosing a colour combination for home

Tips on choosing a colour combination for home

Choosing the right colour combination for your house can be tricky. It either gets too dark or too dull or too bright. You cannot select a colour combination randomly as it sets up the entire ambience of your house and also impacts the mood. You ought to keep a balance while choosing the home colour combination. While there may necessarily not be a particular theme, the wall colour combinations should complement each other. Not to forget, it also leaves an impression on your guests.

Due to the variety of colour combinations available in the market, you will get confused. Therefore, Indigo Paints explains the step by step procedure and some handy tips to choose the perfect colour combination for your abode.

Types of colour combination

Tips for color combination for home

1. Pastel colour combination- Pastel wall colour combinations are in trend these days. These are light yet vibrant shades that give an aesthetic appeal to your home. Most common pastel colour combinations at home include pastel pink with light grey or baby blue. You can also go for turquoise blue and pastel yellow. Teal blue and light pastel green shade go along well and give a soothing ambience to the room.

2. Metallic grey and white- Metallic grey and the white colour combination gives a rich and modern vibe to your home. If you have a spacious living room, you can choose this colour combination to make your home look elegant. This wall colour combination is neither too flashy nor too dull and complements your home interior.

3. Complementary colours- Colours opposite to each other in the colour wheel are known as complementary colours such as red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple. These colours make the perfect contrasting wall colour combinations. You can use one shade of a complementary pair for the main wall whereas the lighter shade can be applied on the rest three walls. You can use different pairs of complementary colours for your house colour combinations.

How to select colour combination- Steps/Guide

While choosing a house paint colour combination, it is essential to consider several factors, including your home interiors, floor tiles, personality, mood, lighting and a lot more.

Tips To Select Colour Combination - Steps/Guide

1. Make sure it goes well with the interiors- Home paint colour combinations that complement your home interiors give your home a classy look. So before you choose your home wall colour combinations, make sure that it matches with your home interiors. For instance, if you have metallic home interiors, avoid using a grey colour combination. You can have pastel wall colour combinations in the background.

2. Consider the floor in mind- Along with the home interiors, it is also pertinent to consider the flooring before you go ahead with the home paint colour combinations. If you have wooden flooring at home, you can go for beige, mauve, grey or dark blue colour combinations. For white tiles, you can go for bright shades on walls.

3. To match your personality- Your home is a reflection of your taste. The colour combination will reflect your personality. If you are a bubbly, cheerful person, you can go for bright and vibrant shades such as yellow or orange. If you are a calm person who is not very fond of bright hues, you can go for lighter shades.

4. To make your room look big- If you want to choose a wall colour combination for a compact space, you can choose pastel or bright colours that will make your room look bigger. Dark-coloured walls make the room look small.

5. Consider the light in the room- Before choosing the home colour combination, you should also check the lighting in that particular corner if there is any source of natural lighting. Light reflection on dark-coloured walls is less. If you want more light in a specific corner of your homes such as a study room or the living room, you can go for light colour combinations such as white, pale yellow or light blue. Also, wherever you spend most of the time in your house, make sure that the colour of that room is soothing to your eyes.

Benefits of using different colour combinations

Benefits Of Using Different Colour Combinations

1. Adds variety and colour to your home- Using different colour combinations for home is very important. Same wall colour combinations all over your house will make it dull and boring. On the contrary, a home with plenty of colour combinations will be appealing to the eyes. It will add variety and bring colour to your mundane routine.

2. Every room and corner feels different- You wouldn’t want to wake up and spend your day in one place throughout your day. However, if you have the same home colour combination all over your house, it will get boring. Every room such as the library, kids room or even your bedroom for that matter. needs to have its unique vibes.

3. Everyone gets to choose- How often have your family members argued over the house colour combination stating that it is either too dark, too dull or too dull? If you choose different colour combinations for your home, everyone can choose their favourite colour.

Painting Tips

1. If you want the room to look small, paint one wall with a dark shade than the rest of them.

2. If you do not have a false ceiling, make sure that you get your ceiling painted in a light shade.

3. Use oil-based paints on walls. It can be cleaned quickly and give a smooth finish.

4. Ensure that your paint does not absorb light; otherwise, your room will look dark.

5. To give a subtle look to your home, you can choose matte paints.

Colour combination plays a crucial role in giving a homely feeling to your house. It makes your home warm and cozy and also reflects your personality. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the appropriate home colour combination that makes you feel calm. Indigo Paints has a wide range of aesthetic colour combinations for every room and corner of your house.


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