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8 shades of blue that will give dynamic look to your hall

8 shades of blue that will give dynamic look to your hall

An eternal favourite when it comes to choosing the interior design and colour schemes, blue wall paint design is an adored favourite for all. Usually linked with serenity, calm and tranquility, the colour has global appeal throughout all kinds of design categories. With colour shades which range from intense navy to ice blue, this multifaceted colour or even a royal blue wall paint looks brilliant when displayed on walls and cabinets or when laminated with the right decor and accessories.

If you are in a quandary trying to ascertain the colours which match with blue, the answer is easy – nearly all of them. Working as a neutral shade in a few exceptions, blue matches well with almost every other shade/hue, including striking colours such as red or orange and more subdued tones such as grey and beige. A sky blue colour combination room looks authentic and classy. Mentioned below are a few shades of blue which display the placid beauty of blue.

Soft Watery Blue

Soft Watery Blue

Pale and soft shades of blue induce serene feelings and emotions connected with the ocean. Combine lighter shades of blue wall paint design with a sandy beige neutral or dim-washed wood for feelings comparable with the seashore. Decorate with both pale blue and tan colours on materials, bedding, fabrics, home decor and furniture to create a serene retreat in a guest or master bedroom. A blue colour combination for hall would look appealing too.

Casual or Informal Denim Blue

Casual or Informal Denim Blue

The kitchen is a prime space in the home, and so it calls for a colour scheme which the whole family can live together with. As orange is unlike blue on the colour wheel, it is blue’s perfect complement. This excellent combination presents a refreshing contrast which is ideal for a busy kitchen. A sky blue colour combination room would look gorgeous too. Give a thought to reviving white countertops and cabinets by decorating the kitchen island in this colour, then coat in touches of orange through accessories like rugs, stool seating and towels. A blue colour combination for the hall is going to look really stunning too.

Rich Cerulean Blue

Partners on the colour wheel, blue and green are calming colours adding a refreshing touch to the scene. Pick lively shades of these homologous colours on furniture and walls for a distinct appearance. In the imposing sitting room, deep cerulean blue as blue wall paint design is leveled with an equally striking apple green. Influenced by the wall art, textiles in an eye-catching apricot geometric print highlight the velvet chairs. A royal blue wall paint would also look extremely chic.

Beautiful & Stunning Turquoise

Blue Colour Wall Painted Living Room

Positioned on the side of blue on the colour wheel, purple is a different colour which makes an agreeable companion. As the dual tones are alike, the consequent colour scheme is soothing and vibrant. Combine intense purple with beautiful turquoise for a jewel-tone effect in the living room or bedroom. A sky blue colour combination room is another preferred choice. If your preferred option is understated blue tones, go for drenched purple shades to steer clear of the washed-out appearance of a lot of pastels. A contrast can be added to a blue-hued scheme or blue wall paint design by opting for balmy purple shades like an orchid in comparison to indigo to balance the blue colour wall’s coolness. A blue colour combination for the hall is another good option.

Muted Pale Blue

Present a touch of feminine qualities with colour tones of coral, pink or apricot. The spectrum of this comfortable sitting room is motivated by the striped fabric on ornamental pillows. The muted, watery blue is redone on the blue colour wall, and the striking coral layers the bright, cheery entrance door. A blue colour combination for hall is also something buyers can think about, the bright-coloured combination is cheerful, inviting and reminds you of being on holiday. A sky blue colour combination room would also look fantastic.

Strong Colour Tone of True Blue

Strong Colour Tone of True Blue

The colour blue’s cool look distinctly stands apart amidst the wood floor homely finish of wooden floors and other furnishings. Royal blue wall paint is also suggested for a distinct look. For wood finishes which are medium to dark-tone, select a bold shade of blue which won’t be undermined when compared. For example, in your kitchen, strong azure cabinets are set parallel with rich wood floors to produce a comfortable and contemporary cooking area. Large-sized windows and open shelves keep the cabinetry from dominating the layout design.

Elegant Navy Blue

Navy blue goes well with any interior space. In an upscale, exuberant fireplace area, a couple of red velvet chairs match with navy pillows and a dark blue colour wall, produces a dynamic look. For more conventional spaces like the dining room, opt for intense, dark shades like navy and maroon, which add a sophisticated touch. A blue colour combination for hall is also a great choice. Softer and lighter tones like salmon and powder blue are suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms to create a light-hearted, relaxed atmosphere. Royal blue wall paint can also add a touch of splendour.

Understated Soft Blue

In pastel rooms, a light touch of blue wall paint design can add a different facet of personality. If you’d like to adhere to pastel/neutral hues and furnishings, include blue through tiny accessories like an ornamental lamp, table runner or a blanket. To support the pastel look, opt for a soft, understated blue shade which won’t appear different or out of place. A sky blue colour combination room will also look highly dramatic. If you have decided that you just love the colour in the area, come out of your comfort zone by repainting the walls in a blue wall paint design or buying a blue tone chair. You can even mix several shades of blue into a monochromatic scheme. Royal blue wall paint or a blue colour wall would also look extremely attractive.


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