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Winter Is Coming: A Quick Checklist Before You Paint Your Home This Winter

Winter Is Coming: A Quick Checklist Before You Paint Your Home This Winter

Winter is known for icy cold gusts of wind that take your mind off things, in addition to being a celebratory season. But, just as we dress up for winter with sweatshirts and knitwear to keep us warm and stylish, we must also tidy up our homes to get them winter-ready.

There are two types of interior paint colours for homes available at Indigo paints, distemper and emulsion paint. Emulsion paints are water-based paints that have a longer lifespan than distemper paint. Distempers are a more restrictive type of paint than emulsions and have less durability. When compared to distempers, emulsions provide a smoother finish. You need to check which interior paints for a house you need when painting the walls this winter!

Given below are a few things you can do to clean up before home painting this winter.

Make room for cosiness

Winter tips for Painting ideas

Winter is the perfect time of year to enhance your décor game with some warm and inviting materials. Warm rooms with earthy colours are an excellent approach to beat the winter chills. You can also make a cosy corner with many brightly coloured pillows that stand out against the dismal weather. Don’t forget to hang the heavy curtains.

Make sure the patio furniture is protected

Since you’ll probably be utilising your patio less in the coming months, why keep all of your patio furniture outdoor. Whatever your climate, having some precautions in place for your open spaces should be on your winter to-do list. Cover your outdoor furniture or bring it inside. Alternatively, if your furniture has removable seats, you can keep the more durable bases outside while storing the cushions more impacted by the environment.

Keeping the dampness of the wall in check

Have you ever noticed a noticeable rise in humidity in your home, along with a terrible odour? This is due to the damping of walls caused by severe rainfall-induced leaks. Dampness in the rooms can make your home very cold and uncomfortable. Applying a layer of paint and putty before the winter season arrives is the greatest technique to reduce dampness on the walls. Heavy rainwater can also cause leaks; which white cement or Plaster of Paris can assist to prevent. Additionally, to avoid water pools on window sills, it is usually preferable to use glass frames rather than PVC frames.

Winters are ideal for applying wall paint for homes on the exterior surface. Unless you reside in a snowy area, the humidity is very low. More moisture in the air could cause paint to peel or break in the future. Since the moisture is normally low during the winter, the paint sticks better and creates a better relationship with the walls. Painting in high-humidity conditions or during monsoon season makes it hard for the colour to dry uniformly and effectively, which reduces the paint’s total lifespan. Unless you live up north, winter in India is ideal because most regions have mild to good weather and no snowfall. So, why not take advantage of this time of year to arrange a home improvement job you’ve been considering? Good weather also cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete the painting project. There are several colour combinations for houses available at Indigo paints which will make your house look prettier!

Check the gap between the door and the window

Winter home painting ideas

The harsh winter winds can make it difficult for your home’s doors and windows to function properly. As a result of the accumulation of air inside doors and windows, they tend to become rigid. Putting oil on the doors and windows is the most effective approach to make them less stiff.

Make sure the ceiling fan is tuned and the heater is working

The most important house repairs tip you should adopt in your home is to turn on the winter setting of the ceiling fan. Every new ceiling fan comes with a winter mode that reverses the rotational direction. The air circulation in your home can be greatly improved by tuning your ceiling fan. No draughts are created because the air is gently blended. This also aids in lowering the thermostat to your desired level of comfort and ease. It’s a terrific technique to draw warm air down from the ceiling and distribute it evenly throughout the space. Now is the moment to clear out any debris from your heater.

How indigo paints can help

You can get going with the house interior paints. For better assistance, you can book a consultation call with Indigo paints as we have many painting options. Our experts here will guide you through the whole process, making it even easier.

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