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How do I paint my roof?

How do I paint my roof?

A beautiful house is represented by the warmth of the interiors and by the sturdiness of the exterior. So, investing in the yearly painting of your roof ensures you two things – Firstly, it extends the life of the roof, helping it to survive any harsh conditions due to the sun and the rain. Secondly, it leaves behind a beautiful imprint of your house in the minds of the onlookers.

Good roof paint is cost-efficient, affordable, and maintains the style of your house with the new imprinting colour, which is better than replacing the whole roof. Hence, roof painting becomes much more fun, ones you have a proper plan and pick a warm day.

As you scroll down, we will give you the basic amenities that you have to keep in mind while painting your roofs.

Roof Paints – An Overview

Roof Paints - Paint Your Roof

Roof paint is the liquid coating given to the roofs, which acts as a fluid shield by protecting the roofs and giving it longevity. The other significant feature of the roof paint is that it ensures the protection of the house from the external and internal damages while revitalizing the aesthetic quality of the building in the neighborhood.

Everything might seem difficult until one gets on with the process. Even though roof painting comes in the last stage, there are other steps you have to keep in mind before you get down with the roof paint, like analyzing the roof and its condition, cleaning, repairing, and priming. By doing these steps, you can have a better experience with your choice of roof paint colours.

Types of Roof Paints:

Roof Exterior Paint

Roof paint designs for your house are to be chosen based on the style and texture of the roof.

● Water-based roofing paints would be the perfect choice for the cement tiled roofs or shingle roofs. In this course, we would recommend you to use the roof paint of silver series from Indigo for your shingle or cement roof. This roof paint is fabricated exclusively for the corrugated roofs or cement sheets and has high water-resistant quality, making it a perfect choice for hilly regions with high rainfall.

● The anti-corrosive property of the primed substrate in this roof paint ensures a durable glossy finish of the roofs. Since this paint is also free from heavy metals like lead, mercury, and chromium, it is the best choice for metal grills and wooden surfaces, and it also provides medium-term protection for interior and exterior surfaces.

● Oil-based roofing paints are best suited for collecting rainwater, and this model of roof paints is efficient for the iron roofs, especially when they are old and rusty as this helps in keeping the rust at bay.

How to Select Roof Paint – A Guide:

Roof Painting idea for English Home

Your choices define your personality. So make it a point to give a considerable amount of time in choosing the best roof paint colour and design for your house, as this majorly impacts the overall appeal of your home.

So listed below are the pointers that you need to keep in mind while choosing the roof paint colours for your home:

● Features of the exterior: Do not forget that your house has its personality like yourself. So, choosing the interior and exterior colours of the house shouldn’t be done separately but done with cohesiveness between both. Similarly, the roof paint design must align with your personality and emit its peppiness.

● Cohesiveness: Always ensure to choose the roof paint colour which blends with the neighborhood. So that the aesthetic beauty of your home resonates with the surroundings while maintaining its uniqueness.

● The resale value: If you are considering selling your home in the future, make sure that you are choosing the right colour of roof paint which will be liked by others.

● Energy consumption: It’s a known fact that darker colour absorbs more heat, while the lighter colour reflects the heat. So, the choice of roof paint colours is to be done based on the weather temperament of that area, because this can help in reducing energy consumption and electricity bills.

● Size of the property:You can choose the colour of the roof based on the size of your property. That is light colour roof paints can make the house seem big for the onlookers. The scientific reason states that as light colour reflects more, it makes space feel more airy and open.

Painting Tips:

● Cleaning: The basics of painting begins with the cleaning of the roofs. That is the removal of dirt, molds, algae, and corrosion accumulated on the roof for months. Using a high-pressure water blaster is one of the best ways to clean a roof, especially any roof with a rough surface. While removing the molds from the roof broom, a hose and cleaning chemicals can come handy.

● Repairing: The next step in this process is mending the damages in the roof, which is to use suitable primer for the unpainted iron or using proper oil fabrication for the worn-out old iron roofs due to weathering. In the case of tiled roofs, fixing the ridge capping is essential to ensure a clean and smooth application of roof paints.

● Essentials at hand: Always ensure to keep the required tools handy before you begin with the roof painting, like brushes, air-sprayers, paint rollers, ladder, and other necessities.

● Be diligent with instructions: Ensure to follow the instructions and measurements correctly, by taking the necessary precautions. Like if you find the ladder wobbly or rickety, do not use it.

● It is always a good idea to choose a warm day for roof painting, as this will allow the paint to dry quickly.

● While painting your roof with your favorite colour, always remember to begin the painting from the top and then move to the bottom and then repeat the same, as this helps in avoiding overlap marks.

In a nutshell, like all other works painting your roof is an easy job. All you have to do is a bit of planning and getting the best roof paint in the market, to restore the glory and beauty that you deserve for your home. All the best!


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