Roof Paint Silver Series
Available Pack sizes: 1, 4 and 20 L (only Red Oxide & Green shades)

Roof Paint

Indigo Roof Paint is made especially for roofs made with corrugated metal and cement sheets & located in hilly areas having high rainfall. This paint can also be used on metal grills and wooden surfaces for medium-term protection. Indigo Roof Paint has a durable glossy finish, with water-resistant and anti-corrosive properties. It is offered in various pack sizes and in two ready made shades - red oxide & green.


  • Durable glossy finish
  • High water resistance
  • Good anti-corrosive property of primed substrate
  • Free from heavy metals like lead, mercury and chromium
Technical Data Sheet

Surface preparation & application

    1. Sand substrate with abrasion paper, grit 150-180.
    2. Remove dust and dirt. Wipe with Turpentine.
    3. Apply a coat of suitable Primer Coat by brush or spray.
    4. For Metal : Indigo Zinc Chromate Primer
    5. For Wood : Indigo Wood Primer.
    6. In order to fill small dents/undulations use Indigo Knifying Paste Filler.
    7. Apply 2 coats by brush or spray of Roof Paint Silver series, allowing for 6-8hours drying time between coats.
    8. Do inter-coat sanding with abrasive paper, grit 320.

Readymade Colour Combinations