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What are the Most Popular Exterior House Colours for 2021?

What are the Most Popular Exterior House Colours for 2021?


When we plan to change the exterior look of our home, we try to experiment with little details that can immensely impact the overall appeal. We look for trend forecasting and modern styles that will remain suitable for the future. With top-notch exterior wall paint from Indigo Paints, you can upgrade your home appeal and make it more breath-taking. Whether you are preparing to sell your home as a businessperson or revamping your home with unique aesthetics, Indigo Paints’ exterior house colours can help you to achieve an elegant and fresh look for your house.

Let’s explore some of the most popular exterior house colours in 2021 that can make your space seem charming and lavish.

● Creamy Off-white

You can never go wrong with a creamy off-white colour. It is an exterior paint colour that never goes out of trend. You can create an amazing ambiance with this colour and showcase the rich character of your house. Some of the exterior paint combinations that can go along with creamy white are navy blue, browns, or shades of gray. You can choose shades that are brighter or darker based on your preference and style. If you want to get the “main street” style for your home, pair creamy off-whites with bright yellows or a rust orange exterior colour. Have your window panes painted in a crisp white shade, and you are ready to go. With the classic creamy off-white colour, you can also play around with bold accent colours such as browns or grays in your exterior paint colours.

● Pale Gray

It is great to see that pale grays have replaced beige and white in current times. Pale gray is termed the “new beige” in the market. If you want to use shades of gray for exterior paint, choose Indigo Paints’ warm tones instead of cool colours. As the popularity of this colour is rising, people are experimenting with exterior paint combinations such as smoky gray or gray heron colours with darker tones. Pale gray is a versatile colour that creates endless colour-blocking possibilities. You can add a trendier twist with this exterior wall paint by pairing it with bright accents, such as red and rich green. It should be kept in mind that some colours, such as crisp white or other incompatible complementary colours, do not work well with pale grays.

● Deep Blue

An english home style design look

Who doesn’t want a refreshing house exterior paint that exudes a seaside vibe? If you desire to evoke a beachy and fresh feeling, use a deep blue or indigo colour that goes with your house’s design. Dark blue colours is are elegant and neutral; thus, they add drama to your house without making it flashy. Always ensure to select shades between navy and colonial blue to highlight light-coloured window panes. You can use a creamy white colour on doors and window trims to get the best result with deep blue.

● Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze Popular Exterior House Colour

Urbane bronze is an earthy, warm exterior paint for a home that looks stylish and attractive. It is the colour of the year for 2021 and is attracting a lot of popularity in the home décor world. This bronze shade falls between the colour spectrum of browns and grays. The genius of this earthy colour lies in the serene, sophisticated, and meditative vibes it creates. You can use this beautiful exterior paint with warm accents, such as ivory, creamy white, modern gray, and beige. It is a perfect combination colour for white windows, doors, and roofs.

● Sage Green

When it comes to impactful house exterior paints, Indigo Paints’ sage green is the best colour to consider to give your house an earthy appeal. It looks incredible when paired with neutral or muted tones of orange and red. If you’d like to bring in the wilderness of the forest to your home, sage green can subtly offset your outdoor plants. You can use shades of light or dark olive-green to play around with a corner post or roof. To decorate the window trims and doors, opt for terracotta red and beige.

● Pale Blue

Another exterior wall paint that is gaining popularity in 2021 is pale blue. It provides a subtle and refreshing look to your house. The light colour shades always give a spacious, uncluttered feeling. Use darker accents with it that offer more depth and make your space truly unique. When using the pale blue exterior paint, you should opt for more muted and darker colours on the door or windows to balance the overall aesthetic of your house. The pale blue colour scheme is similar to Victorian sensibilities, where the walls were painted in a combination of pale blue and sandy beige or creamy tones.

To revamp your home’s aesthetic, choose Indigo Paints’ best-quality exterior paint.

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