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Beautiful Diwali Decoration Ideas to Get Your Home Festive Ready

Beautiful Diwali Decoration Ideas to Get Your Home Festive Ready

Indians observe the Diwali festival, which typically occurs between mid-October and mid-November. It’s one of the significant festivals and therefore involves a lot of preparation for the festivities. Homes are cleaned from top to bottom, everything washed and shined to welcome Devi Lakshmi into our houses and bless us. This also involves a lot of decoration, mainly using lights and flowers. Why don’t we get creative and use new Diwali decoration ideas instead of the same thing each year?

We thought we’d inject a bit of additional excitement and provide a helping hand for the upcoming celebrations. These Diwali ideas for home decor can be used as a final checklist to decorate our homes before visitors arrive.

  1. With Diwali Rangolis, brighten the home with coloursRangoli is the practice of decorating a floor with drawings and patterns made with chalk, coloured sawdust, and flour to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. Religious motifs such as mangal Kalash, Devi Laxmi’s footprints, Om, Swastik, lit Deepak, and shree are popular rangoli themes for Diwali decor. Put a lit Diya in the centre of your rangoli to make it look even more beautiful. To further increase the Rangoli’s aesthetic appeal, you can utilise flower petals and leaves. To make Diwali glow, sprinkle some silver and gold glitter over your rangoli.Rangoli Colour for Home
  2. Place lamps and string up Diwali lights outside the house.The more diyas that light up around your house, the more festive it will appear. Diyas are a symbol of Diwali. String lights can be used to embellish exterior walls and ornament your home. If you have a garden, adorn it with lights, and drape string lights from the tall trees. Flowers and delicate ribbons work well as decorations for pillars. To celebrate Diwali, you can add a chandelier to your living room or overall home decor.Living Room Paint Ideas for Diwali
  3. Get it started with Genda PhoolWhy are marigold flowers used in home decor during Diwali? The smell of these flowers, also known as “herbs of the sun,” uplifts your spirit and reduces tension. Bright orange and yellow also symbolises fresh beginnings and wealth in life.Therefore, we advise you to buy a few new bundles from a neighbouring flower store and use them to adorn your entranceways! Flowers bring life and colour into spaces very quickly. Put them on your coffee table in a vase or submerge them in a water basin with a floating tea light candle. Tea light votive holders are another inventive way for Diwali decor. For a festive glow, arrange a pair or a grouping of many on side tables, your main entryway, or the dining table.Marigold Flowers for Home Décor
  4. Get the Pooja room readyYour Pooja room, which serves as the hub of activity throughout the holy celebrations, needs special attention during this time. No matter how elaborate or small your Pooja nook is, go all out when decorating it. Place some lamps with an antique brass finish all around the pedestal. In all the weeks leading to Diwali and another home decor, don’t forget to deck this with flower arrangements and diyas.
  5. Change the furnishings to change the mood to a festive one.Experiment with new furniture pieces like bed linens, cushions, covers, carpets for the floors, and drapes to breathe new life into your house. Cushions are a functional piece of decor. Combine cushions with sequins, beads, and other embellishments in various Diwali colours. If you don’t have the money to buy new ones, wash your old ones in some warm water with a good detergent and iron them correctly to restore their shine. If your bedroom is dark and you don’t have time to use wall paint before Diwali, hang a bright painting, add some brightly coloured pillows, and drape your curtain with an ornamental cotton sari. The room will instantly appear different and more radiant. For decorations with a Diwali theme, gold is a gorgeous colour combination. Your idols, fairy lights, diyas, and lanterns can all be finished in gold.Even something as simple as switching your carpet cover can have a considerable impact. Rugs quickly transform spaces. Choose dhurries with traditional designs instead. It is a simple Diwali decoration that may also be utilised year-round.Here it is: a gorgeously organised collection of decoration suggestions for lavish parties and intimate gatherings. Pick a decorating concept with Diwali colours that works for you, then relax and take in the celebration. Subtle changes make all the difference. These simple home decoration tricks will help bring Diwali’s festive spirit into your home. For more Diwali-related colours, please visit our readymade colour combinations section for more ideas.

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