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What is acrylic putty?

What is acrylic putty?

How can your interior walls stay smooth and crack-free for years? The answer lies with Acrylic Putty. Just bring home this wall putty, apply it on the walls before painting them, and voila! Your walls are flawlessly levelled and ready to be painted. This time-saving and cost-effective solution was created to enhance the life of paint films and make your interior walls and wooden surfaces stay new and dent free for years.


So What Exactly is Acrylic Putty?

Acrylic Putty is an alkali-resistant, water-based undercoat with a butter-like consistency. It is made using advanced technology and contains special acrylic binders that fill the dents and holes on surfaces, making them smooth and exceptionally white. When the paint is applied on the putty coated walls, the result is a rich and flawless look.


This wall putty can be applied to interior walls and wooden surfaces. The putty can be used on plastered walls, concrete, brickwork, and asbestos. Since it is an undercoat, acrylic putty is available only in white shade.

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The 4 Remarkable Benefits of Applying Acrylic Putty Before Painting Your Walls

Here are some advantages of using concrete putty to coat your walls before dressing them with emulsion paint:

Exceptional Finish and Durability

Acrylic putty smoothens and levels the bare walls by covering their cracks and dents. It increases the durability of the paint on the walls with its special acrylic binders. The putty also lends extra whiteness to the walls, so that the colour of the paint comes out really well and looks richer and more beautiful.


The application of wall putty takes very little time. This is because it requires few coat applications and dries quickly. The average drying time of acrylic wall putty is a mere 20 minutes.

Cost-Effective Solution

If you are worrying that this protection for your wall paint will come at a hefty price, you are wrong! Acrylic putty is very cost-effective and thus highly affordable.

Easy Application

Anyone can apply acrylic wall putty without the help of professionals. There are only 3 steps to applying the putty. They are-

1. Sanding the surface with a sandpaper

2. Applying the first coat of acrylic putty with a putty knife

3. Applying a second coat of the putty

Thus, it is essential to give your uneven and crack riddled interior walls and surfaces a treatment of acrylic wall putty for a rich and smooth appearance that stays as it is for 3 to 4 years.

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