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Paint colour combination ideas for interior walls

Paint colour combination ideas for interior walls

Deciding to paint your house is only the first step of a mammoth project you have committed to. It is one that will require your presence and involvement every step of the entire process. Although several people leave the choice of interior colour combinations to their decorators, it is something every house owner should look into personally. After all, this is something you are paying for; a choice you will live with for several years. And your home, in a strong sense, is a reflection of your personality.


There is a lot to consider when you think about interior paint combinations. Quality and durability aside, you want to ensure you have exactly the effect you envision. This begins with the interior colour combination you pick. The choices available today in terms of finishes, colours, and textures, have thrown in an abundance of looks into the mix. When it comes to narrowing down and making a final selection, it is bound to leave you more confused. Using a simple methodology or strategy may help you make the perfect choice of interior colour combination for your home.

Types Of Interior Colour Combinations

Orange & White Colour Combination wall paint

Nothing is holding you back when you consider the choices available with interior house colours. Very few people opt for a single colour in their homes today. Dual complementary colours are common. You may also look for three colours or shades, and even more if necessary.

Picking the right interior colour combinations requires an understanding of the colour wheel. This helps acquaint you with colour families, colour contrasts, and complements. Here are some of the most commonly used combinations in interior house paints:

● Tone-on-Tone: This interior paint combination uses two colours of the same family. A darker shade is offset by a lighter variant to create a contrast in the look and effect. It is amongst the safest interior colour combinations and can be used in almost all areas of the house.

● Wide Contrast: Selecting this will give you a really bold look. A wide contrast uses two bold colours to make a statement. This combination is interesting to use in children’s rooms or play areas.

● Pastels: The use of pastels is eternal. You will never be bored with the look, and it will never go out of style. Pastels make ideal interior house paint colours for dining spaces, living rooms, and even the bedroom. Pastels allow the space to look calm and add a touch of muted sophistication.

● Harmonious combinations: This is one step removed from a tone-on-tone style. Harmonious combinations in interior house paint involve the use of colours belonging to nearby families, but not the same or immediate ones. The effects created are stark and bold but, in great congruence.

Steps To Selecting The Right Combination

Dining Room wall paint

The sheer number of house interior colour combinations that can be customised is enough to confuse you. Follow these steps to gain greater clarity and control in choosing your interior paint combination.

● Set a goal: Start by identifying the look you aim to achieve through interior colour combinations. Warm colours will give an effect of comfort and intimacy to your home. Cool colours lend a more relaxed look. Rich colours can add a touch of class and royalty, while bold colours make the room look edgy and young.

● Understand your space: It is hard to pick a look from a catalogue, simply because it can’t be replicated in your home. You need to understand the space you are working with. Interior colour combinations look different in large and small spaces. They also look different under different lights. Understand the play of natural and artificial light in your space.

● Test the waters: Before you finally go ahead with your interior house paint, try a small sample in the room. This will give you an idea of how it will eventually look. If you are happy with the effect, go straight for it!

Benefits Of Using Different Colour Combinations

Maroon & White combination interior walls

No doubt varying colours in your house will create better contrast, sharper definition, and greater impact. Here are some amazing things that interior colour combinations can allow:

● Interior paint combinations can add a touch of liveliness and vibrancy to your home. A striking combination can draw attention to certain areas and make them the focal point.

● Colours can add depth, a sense of space, and create brighter looks when light cannot. Interior colour combinations can effortlessly draw attention away from structural imperfections, add a sense of drama, and also give the house character.

● Through the use of interior house paint colours, you can easily create a look and the desired ambience. Interior colour combinations can help give a sense of cohesion and completeness to a room and complement your furnishings perfectly.

Painting Tips

Indigo Paints recommends some fool proof tricks to make more intelligent choices in interior paint combinations.

● If you are using multiple shades, always start with the darkest ones at the ground, and lighten them as you move toward the ceiling. This is a textbook method of ensuring the effect is satisfactory.

● Begin with choosing colours for the formal areas first. This way, picking interior colour combinations for the rest of the house will become easier.

● The best way to make a small space look attractive is with the use of bright colours. This makes the room feel more inviting and spacious.

● Contrasting warm and cool interior house paint colours will enable the room to look livelier.

● When in doubt, go back to timeless pairs like black and white, natural tones, and pastels and creams. You can never go wrong with these interior house paint choices.

● Let your house reflect your personality. You will soon bore catalogue looks. Houses look perfect and complete when those living in it carry off its look with class.

It doesn’t matter if you have opted for pearl finishes, textures, or plain interior house paint. Regardless of what your interior colour combination maybe, the most important rule of the thumb must never be forgotten. Always select good quality paint to ensure your interior paint combination adds perfect colours to your life. Indigo offers a diverse range of painting shades and hues to complement your taste and painting ideas.


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