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7 innovative ideas to decorate your terrace

7 innovative ideas to decorate your terrace

Rooftops, terraces, sprawling balconies – these are all luxuries today. Given the lack of space almost every city is experiencing, the ability to own open spaces and large porticos is limited. So, when you are gifted with a house that has a terrace, ensure you make the most of it. Not just in how it is used, but also in how well you decorate and maintain the space.

Most homeowners are looking for innovative ways to make their terraces look inviting and attractive. The good news is that it can be achieved quite easily with very little investment. Some interesting paint ideas and just a few elements of embellishment should have your terrace become the centre of all attention and activity.

We bring you 7 innovative ways to add a touch of character, class, and distinction to your terrace.

Terrace Décor to the Fore!

When planning the décor of your terrace, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The foremost among these is the amount of space available. This will, to a large extent, dictate the possibilities available and the themes that can be incorporated. The use of the terrace with its shape and dimensions are other points that will have a say in determining the look that you engender.

· Swinging Sweetness: By adding a swing, you can make your terrace look inviting and homely. It’s also the perfect place to relax and unwind. There are a variety of swings that you can choose from, including cane and wood. Depending on the space available, you can pick a single-seater or a large bench-type swing that can double as a loveseat! Build on the impact of the swing and space by using rustic wall colour ideas or textured interior paint ideas to create an added dimension of space. Setting up a swing can prove inexpensive since some cushions are the only thing needed to complete the look.

Decoration Ideas for your home

· Divine Dining: If you have always dreamt of having a meal under the stars, try making it possible on your terrace. Setting up a small dining area with a sleek table and chairs ought to do the trick. Wrought iron can allow an interesting European feel while freeing up your space. The ideal backdrop for a dining area would be to select earthy tones as wall colour ideas. They can help add to the cosy vibe.

Simple Terrace Design

· Fresh Furniture: There is nothing like a splash of colour to add life and vibrancy to space. If you do not want to invest in new décor or furniture, simply add a few colourful cushions or some low stools to keep the look informal. Adding a few floral plants to the space will also add to the casual charm. To maintain the theme, try some DIY wall painting ideas using complementing colours to really make the space your own.

Teracotta Colour Terrace Design

· Lively Lights: Lights can make a world of difference to the way your terrace looks. You can try conventional lamps to keep it looking stylish or use bold accents in metallic colours to jazz things up. For a more magical effect, twinkling or fairy lights can help create the perfect mood for romance and intimacy. With a mood like this, no one will notice the lack of furniture or décor on your terrace! If you are looking to maximize the play of lights, keep your furniture low to achieve a mellow feel. Look for house painting colours like ochre, beige, off-white, or pastels that help light reflect really well and lend an ethereal feel to your space.

· Planting Passion: Everyone expects to see plants on a terrace, and there’s no point disappointing them. The truth is that having plants on your terrace negates the need for any décor. They can easily steal all the focus and help your terrace look complete. If you have a large space, you can try adding a small coffee table and chairs to enjoy a peaceful morning. For those with small terraces, there are secret fixes! Vertical gardens are the rage these days, and you can be cautious and fashionable all at once! Including a textural element to your walls is a great idea if you are focusing on plants. Paint ideas that include a mix of yellows, browns, and greens will help elevate the look of earthiness exponentially.

· Awesome Awnings: Awnings serve the dual purpose of providing shade to your terrace and adding a touch of glamour. You can experiment with several kinds of awnings, including a half-porch style or a full cover. Several colour combinations and patterns can also help you fashion your awnings exactly the way you want to. Retractable awnings work really well since you can always pull them back in the evenings. Ensure you choose a home paint colour that contrasts with the colour of the awning to help achieve cohesion in the look and appeal of the terrace.

· Glamorous Glass: The use of glass always adds a touch of richness and opulence to a look. To help your terrace look larger and add a sense of expansiveness to your space, opt for glass rails instead of wooden ones or cement walls. Your terrace will instantly look chic and grand. Try using only a few colours, and let the colours of nature and light gain dominance in this space. Paint ideas like ivory and off-white can add pristine charm to your terrace.


When undertaking any house painting project, always remember to include your terraces and open spaces. We often tend to neglect them and do not give enough thought to how they can continue to reflect our personality and lifestyle. Terraces are important extensions of the house that must resonate with the rest of its theme. Your home paint colour can redefine your space, and the paint ideas you use for your terrace can help take its appeal to a whole new level.

Enjoy the magic of Indigo Paints, and bring your terrace to life with our exquisite wall colour ideas and options.


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