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What is epoxy primer?

What is epoxy primer?

Protecting walls from external damages is one thing Indigo Paints is great at. We have a long-lasting solution for such damages in the name of ‘Epoxy Primer’. It is a proper base for topcoats that provides an exquisite finish.

It is an airtight sealer that protects the primer before the walls are ready for paint. It also acts as a binding ingredient between the concrete, and the topcoat of the paint. Epoxy primer paint protects the walls from extreme weather conditions. The wearing away of the paint, and the shine become difficult as it has Zinc Phosphate – the more the thickness, the better your walls inside-out will be protected against anything and everything.

Differences between a Primer and an Epoxy Primer:

● A primer makes the concrete ready for the next stage. Whereas, the ‘Indigo Paints’ epoxy primer is a sealer that binds the concrete with the paint.

● A primer is mostly white or neutral in colour. However, an epoxy primer paint comes in various shades that does true justice to the shading factor.

● A primer is sandable. However, an epoxy primer is non-sandable.

● A primer covers scratches, and huge waves. Whereas, an epoxy primer is a non-porous sealer that protects the base primer from the paint.

● A primer alone cannot increase the life of the paint. However, epoxy primer paint increases the life of the paint with one coat alone.

Epoxy Floor Coating

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

It is an in-demand commercial, and industrial floor coating. It is directly applied to concrete so that heavy materials do not damage the surface and stays durable for long. Epoxy floor coating provides warehouses, water treatment plants, shopping malls, marine applications, theatres etc. the leverage of being safe for employees, inventory, and machinery.

How to prepare the surface for Indigo Epoxy Primer:

● use a clean broom to remove dust particles from the surface to be painted

● use turpentine to clean the surface thoroughly and let it dry

● use sandpaper to grit the surface with sand

● ensure to use power tools to get rid of loose rust

● wipe again with turpentine for a smoother finish

● apply a single coat of Epoxy Primer on the surface

● let it dry out overnight

● apply another layer of Epoxy Primer the next day and wait till it dries out

● for a shiner and smoother finish, apply Indigo PU Super Glass Enamel over it

We at Indigo Paints have pledged to provide you with the ultimate solutions for keeping your walls, and floors safe, and clean for long!


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