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5 Trending Exterior Paint Colours to Look Out for Your House

5 Trending Exterior Paint Colours to Look Out for Your House

The way someone’s house looks says a lot about a person, and when one talks about painting their house, you always need a guide. The most important factor that people miss out on while painting a house is the exterior colour paint. Since a person makes their first impression on how the exterior of the house looks, exterior paint colours are as important as the interior and an equal amount of time and thought should go into deciding the exterior paints for the house. One can use multiple exterior paint combinations to make a statement. One could go for subtle beiges and creamy neutrals or can go completely different and loud like charcoal and black colour scheme patterns.

Types of colours

There are multiple types of house exterior colour combinations as per different moods and personalities. Here is a list of types of these combinations and general instructions for exterior paint ideas.

1. Warm Whites and Creams


White & Cream Exterior Paint Colours

White home exterior colour has been highly popular since the Victorian era. Be it the white house in Washington D.C or be the white house of Kim Kardashian in Calabasas, California. Yet, a more subdued version of the colour like off whites, warm whites, ivory, and creamy pastels are more in trend and offer a peaceful vibe to the people who visit or even see it.

2. Classic Navy


Navy Exterior Paint Colours

A classic navy shade as an exterior paint for the house is classic and chic. The best part about the shade is its ability to give a traditional, sophisticated look with a bend towards modern architecture. It also makes a good match for the interior.

3. All Black

A major trend popping up this year is the all-black aesthetic for the exterior paint for houses. Whether one is loud, outgoing, and loves to host parties or if they like to keep to themselves in their peaceful abode, black and shades of it used in house exterior paints is a bold yet versatile choice.

4. Earthy Neutrals


Earthy Neutral Exterior Paint Colours

Earthy neutrals are a great and evergreen choice of exterior paints for a home. These shades look more organic and make the home feel a part of the ecosystem. Shades of clay, mud, stone, or soil are mostly used in making this colour palette. The idea of using these exterior colour combinations is to make one’s home easily blend in with the environment.

5. Vibrant Greens

Many times we get stuck in a certain expectation of how the exterior of a house is supposed to look, but one shouldn’t feel too risky to try new shades. Another colour combination trending this year is vibrant greens, including forest green, sage green, and olive. These colour shades look flattering, making a house an extended part of nature.

Information about relevant Indigo Paints products

Indigo Paints offer a wide range of affordable paint products and exterior paint colour combinations. It is one of the most commonly used brands in India with a product, Exterior Emulsion Paint (Gold Series), with readymade colour combinations and ideas for exterior paint. It also provides premium exterior emulsion, dirtproof and waterproof exterior laminate, and exterior sheen emulsion for a long-lasting coat of paint, making it easy to handle. The website has free catalogues that can be downloaded to surf through multiple shades for both interior and exterior paint ideas for customers. It is a user-friendly experience, and the customer can also place orders here for the shades of their choice.


To conclude, Indigo provides a wide range of products by making colour combinations to perfectly fit the needs of its buyers so that they can make a statement by painting their homes the way they like by using shades that speak to them. This makes it one of the most desirable yet affordable brands in the country. They say they dare to be different as their products are ever-changing, everlasting, and are always being modified to the tastes and trends around the world.

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