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5 Attractive Exterior Colour Combinations for Indian Homes

5 Attractive Exterior Colour Combinations for Indian Homes

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of building a home. Every minute detail about the interior of the house is taken care of. But while considering everything, we frequently forget about the exterior paint for the house. Guests tend to notice the house’s exterior walls before anything else; therefore, choosing the right exterior colour combination can be daunting. It is essential to select these colours wisely because they influence everything – from our house’s appearance to its internal temperature. It is a wise option for large houses to go for soothing colours that are not high maintenance. We should avoid choosing bold colours as they will look harsh under the bright Indian sun.

Apart from the exterior colour combination, choosing the right paint is also important. Paints are expensive; hence, looking at their durability and protection is imperative before investing. Any regular house exterior paint can only withstand so much before we observe algae growth, dusty and fading colour, and chipped walls. But Indigo Dirtproof and Waterproof Laminate is no regular paint. It has flexible Acrylic emulsion and silicone polymers that protect the walls from UV damage and helps retain their original colour. Its exterior laminate technology creates a barrier between the walls and the rainwater, making them waterproof.

People often shy away from light colours while painting their exterior walls because soon they can find brown-black algae patches growing. Indigo paints come to the rescue here as well. With its anti-fungal properties, it does not let mould appear in the first place so that the walls look as good as new.

Try these exterior colour combinations from the Indigo Dirtproof and Waterproof Laminate series to give a new life to your walls and leave a lasting impression on your guests!

  1. Peach and white – perfect for the summer days

    For summers, we do not want loud colours that would be harsh on the eyes under the bright Indian sun. We can get a perfect colour combination using peach and white. These colours lend elegance to the house and are pleasing to the eye. White can be used to add highlights and break the monotony of peach. These exterior colour combinations would make any home look summer-ready when complimented with brown doors and white-framed windows.

  2. Staying rooted with red and cream

    The house’s red and cream exterior paints would be ideal for people who want to stay close to traditions. It reminds one of the quintessential Bengali houses in Tagore’s stories with red-tiled roofs and cream-coloured walls. There is something about these colours that radiates warmth and comfort. Hence, it would suit the house’s old and young family members.

  3. Minimalism with grey and white

    Grey and white would be just suitable for exterior colour paint when we want to express our love for minimalism. The colours are neutral and subtle but look very classy. They would be perfect for a house with an industrial-style interior design. Using grey and white, we can play around with light and shade to highlight specific parts of our home. Most modern buildings with complex architectural patterns opt for this combination.

    While these three combinations can do wonders to the house’s exterior, we can also check two more options that can give a beautiful makeover to the house’s exterior.

  4. Blending with nature using brown, off-white, and olive green

    When our house is surrounded by lush greenery, we can match the natural atmosphere with brown, white, and olive green. These colours remind one of the evergreen forests of India and carry a calming effect. Nature lovers who love to keep a garden would particularly be fond of this exterior colour combination.

    In this combination, we should make brown the dominant colour and create a contrast with olive green and off-white.

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  5. Exposed brick with grey

    If we have a sweet spot for the antique, exposed brickwork in tones of brown, ochre, or tan can give our homes an earthy-rusty appearance. Grey can be used to break the uniformity of bricks. Even the windows and balcony railing can be of a nude colour to act as accents. It is a combination we can never go wrong with. It is easy and has very low maintenance.

    With the help of the abovementioned list, we have brought the best colour combinations for Indian houses for our readers. Making a choice can be difficult, but we hope this list makes it easier. We at Indigo Paints can help you paint your outer walls with our expertise by using a combination that suits their style.

    Follow the instructions on surface preparation and application before painting your exterior walls. Use the exterior colour combinations mentioned above, and please visit our exterior product section for more ideas.

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