13 Wall Colour Combinations to Try in 2021

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August 11, 2021

Colours can strongly influence our moods. There is an entire pseudoscience to support this fact. Be it a scientific way or not, colours can affect our conscious and subconscious minds. We use colours to express ourselves. So, there is nothing wrong with being particular or demanding about choosing your wall colour! A desired wall colour combination can completely change the feel of your home. There is no perfect colour combination idea to renovate your space. Your emotions and lifestyle turn the table for you.

Indigo Paints offer you a range of readymade colour combinations as well as customised options too so that you can visually satisfy your mind with the best wall colour combination. Whether it’s the living room, kids’ room, kitchen or bedroom, our assortment of colours will satisfy you.

4 Home Wall Colour Combinations Offering a Calming Influence

1. Pink in light shade

Pink is the colour of energy and passion. Its lighter shade can create a relaxing and calming ambience for your dream home. The right choice of furniture colours can give this colour a boost. Light pink shades on the home walls with suitable coloured furniture is pleasing to the eyes.

2. Nickel grey

If you are looking for a home wall colour combination different from ochre and brown, try this soothing shade of grey. The neutral tone of nickel grey creates positive energy and offers a calming influence. Beige or any other light colour furnishings combined with it can create a piece of serenity.

3. Silver – The dark grey

Try this bright grey shade for your home walls with Indigo Paints. Apart from playing with wall colours, we suggest some warm-coloured furniture associations to make a relaxing and sophisticated palette for you.

4. Teal blue

Blue is the colour for your moods. Bright blue shades spread energy, and dark blue shades offer sophistication. But a beautiful teal blue wall colour combination for the bedroom is soothing for the eyes and soul. Combine the wall colours with white furnishings to get a mesmerising touch.

5 Dreamy Interior Colour Combinations for Walls

1. White and grey

White is always in fashion. This colour adds serenity and peace to space. It makes a perfect interior wall colour combination with almost every shade. Indigo experts play with the shades of white and grey to make your home walls look divine.

2. Mustard and sapphire

Are you looking for a dream bedroom wall colour combination for your home? Elevate the elegance of your room with the positivity of mustard and sapphire. This colour combination will make your bedroom more spacious and sophisticated.

3. Yellow and peacock blue

Try ‘blush’ colours while renovating your home walls. The shades of yellow and peacock blue can electrify the mood of your living room. This can be the best budget wall colour combination for your living area!

4. Aqua blue and cream

The combination of aqua blue and cream symbolises the sea and sand. Indigo experts find it an impeccable wall colour combination for your bedroom or living area.

5. White and tangerine

The vibrancy of tangerine is dominating. The wall colour combination of white and tangerine offers purity and cheerfulness to the space.

4 Trendy Interior Wall Colour Combinations of 2021

1. Deep blue and neutrals

While recreating your home interior with your dream colour combinations, be as creative as possible with the neutral shades and deep blues. This palette fits the trends of 2021.

2. Orange and neutrals

This colour palette is a South Indian influence. It includes the shades of blazing oranges and deep reds to add individuality to the hall walls.

3. Pastel shades

If you are creative and want to choose the desired wall colour combination for the bedroom, a pastel theme is the best choice. And, if you are looking for a complimentary combo, go for pastel orange and purple.

4. Shades of green

The palette of greens offers you an endless choice. It offers energy and stability to space. Find your roots with this colour combination. Indigo experts perfectly portray your lifestyle to your home walls with shades of green.


When you want to renovate the feel of your home walls, the colour of the paint plays a crucial role. The choice of your home wall colour combination can make or break the entire feel of the interior. Indigo Paints offers a huge range of wall colour palettes to design your dream home.

You can either make a customised colour combination or choose one from our readymade ones. We will execute it professionally! We can suggest the best wall colour combination of the year for your bedroom, kids’ room, living room and kitchen walls.


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