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What is the difference between wood primer and wood coating?

What is the difference between wood primer and wood coating?

Wooden furniture can give your home a perfect premium yet a natural look. However, maintaining wooden furniture in its best form is a different story altogether. Dust, household chemicals, sun rays, and water slowly erodes the wood surface, and over the time your furniture loses its new-like sheen. This is where the wood primer and wood coating come into play.

However, they have completely different formulations, applications and purposes. Knowing the difference between a Wood Primer & Wood Coating Paint is essential when: 1) You are planning to make your DIY wooden cupboard 2) Your old wooden furniture needs a new look, and/or 3) When you spend on refurbishing your old furniture with the help of a carpenter.

Wood Primer

A wood primer is a preparatory coating added onto the wood, and other related materials like plywood before putting on varnish or paint. The wood primer serves multiple purposes when applied in the right way,

● It increases the durability of the paint applied over it.

● Protects the wood and ensures better longevity.

● Protects the wood from pests as well as harsh environmental factors and household chemicals.

Wood Primer blocks any unwanted stain present on the wood.

● Improves adhesion of the paint on the wood surface, and thus, extends the life of the paint.

● Prevents quick absorption of the paint being applied on the surface and promotes a better finish.

When using on fresh wood that has not been painted before, you need a high-quality latex or oil-based primer. The same goes for old, and weathered wooden surfaces. Before applying the primer, prepare the surface with sandpaper. Wiping off the surface with a damp cotton cloth and letting it dry completely before starting with the paint is the way to go. Apply at least two coats, and allow sufficient time to dry in between.

Wood Coating

Wood Coating

Wood coating, also known as Topcoat, is applied over the wooden surfaces to protect the surface from water, sun, grease, dust and household chemicals. Topcoats are essentially clear, and are often polyurethane-based that gives your furniture a glossy or matte finish, and improves the life span of the paint as well as the wood underneath.

Wood coating paint can be applied over the paint or varnish after clearing the surface completely of dirt particles, and grease. The wood coating can be applied with a brush or spray machine. You should apply 2-3 coats of it, and allow sufficient drying time in between for the best results. Indigo Paints offers a wide range of wood coatings and wood primers for all types of wooden surfaces.


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