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Top 10 paint ideas for your children’s bedroom

Top 10 paint ideas for your children's bedroom

Children have Excel imagination powers and that is why they prefer their room to be quite specific to what they have pre-planned in their head but most of the time these pre-planned visions are inspired by the fictional world and at times is just not possible to bring to life. At the same time, it’s essential to design the children’s room in a manner that will enhance their potential from the inside along with the kids feeling comfortable and secure in it.

So today we will be discussing the top 10 paint ideas for children’s bedrooms.

1. Color the window

Adding color to the window not only brightens up the room from the outside but also adds a unique and creative look to the room from inside as well as outside.

2. Mix up colors

Try to go for a combination of colors to be painted so that the room can get a different yet vibrant look.

3. Use patterns

Don’t just settle for one pattern to decorate the room but choose a variety to fill the room with a unique design of patterns that enhance the imagination.

4. The half-half look

Paint the walls with two colors, both of them conquering half of the wall. This design gives the room the ability to be decorated in a number of ways.

5. Go for the furniture

Get the furniture painted in your child’s room in accordance with the color on the wall and give the room a classy and artistic look.

6. Geometric figures

Use geometric shapes and patterns in contrast to each other on walls that turn out beautifully with the right color chosen.

7. Go bright

It’s best to pick bright shades of yellow, peach, blue and alike for a kid’s room than going for grey walls but you can surely go for grey bed sheets they look awesome with yellow walls.

8. Painted ceiling

A painted ceiling in any room can go wonders but for a child’s room, the painted ceiling the child enhances their imagination and creative side.

9. White and graphics

Having a white wall with graphics painted or drawn of your choice for a child’s room would look beautiful and remind the kid of the beauty of creativity.

White and graphics

10. A black wall

Having a black wall on which the children can draw on themselves with chalk paint is another way of bringing out the hidden artist hidden inside your child.

We here at Indigo Paints believe in bringing your vision on your wall. You dream and choose, and we will deliver it to you on your wall.


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