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How To Make Your Home Odour Free

How To Make Your Home Odour Free

There might be various reasons for a stench lurking in your home – from tobacco, stinky bathrooms and toilets, aromas of food or pets, odour from the kitchen, and even mould and mildew.

However, you might not always be aware of the source. These scents may linger even after several rounds of cleaning. One of the options to deal with such stenches is using odour-free paint.

How To Make Your Home Odour Free

Why use Anti-Odour Paint?

Odour-absorbing paint acts by concealing and absorbing odours, which results in cleaner air. Anti-Odour Paint is one of the most famous products of Indigo Paints’ Platinum Series. This paint is a water-based complete acrylic polymer-based paint that helps you in many ways, such as killing the infection-causing bacteria and providing germ-free space. It helps with deodorising the bathroom and kitchen area by absorbing the cigarette and cooking pollutants and improving the indoor air quality of the location of the application.

By nature, toilets are soaking wet spaces that can produce smelly bacteria and germs. The coat can flake and crack on humid internal walls, particularly if the walls aren’t adequately primed and managed. When it comes to controlling foul odours, moisture, and mould infestation, bathrooms and kitchens provide their own set of issues. As a result, picking the ideal paint may necessitate a few more procedures.

Why use Anti-Odour Paint?

Precautions to take before the application of the paint:

  • Plasters should be cured, and walls should be dry and completely free from moisture.
  • Minute hair cracks and leakages can be found between the grouting space and walls that should be fixed beforehand.
  • Try to avoid the direct application of the paint on the freshly coated lime-washed bathroom wall surfaces.
  • If one comes across any mould manifestation or moisture on the walls, scrub and dry it off and apply a single coat of Indigo WB Sealer Primer before initiating to paint the surface.
  • One should also take care when using the masking tape when separating the single wall surface or applying two different colour shades to remove the tape before the paint film dries off.

Post Application Instructions:

  • It is essential to understand that odour free paint coatings become saturated over time due to the absorption of smell and moisture. To get a continuous deodorising effect, rinse the surface with water once every three to five months for best results.

Post Application Instructions


  • Anti-Odour Technology
  • Eliminates infectious bacteria by creating Anti-Bacterial Film
  • Stain Resistance
  • Water/Moisture resistant surfaces which are washable
  • Environment-friendly water-based system

It’s important to let the paint do its magic once you’ve cleansed any areas in your property that may be producing the stink. Remember, those bad odours might be difficult to get rid of. After the paint has dried, the improved Odour Absorbing Technology decreases formaldehyde and other aldehydes – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – in the air. While practically any primer or smell free paint can be used to hide scents, there are a few products specifically created for this purpose. The Odour Absorbing Paint’s technology lowers odours caused by mould, and those from cooking, smoking, and pets, in the environment. Odour-absorbing paint works by concealing and absorbing odours, resulting in cleaner air. Antimicrobial compounds in odour absorption paint reduce the formation of mould and mildew, and other bacterial odours. Mould and mildew can be prevented with the application of these substances. They can also help paint dry faster. The more surface area you paint, the more effective it is at eliminating odours.

What Is Odour Absorbing Paint, and How Does It Work?

As a leading brand specialist, Indigo Paints should be your first choice for all of your kitchen paint and bathroom paint needs; whether they be interior or exterior paints, we have you covered.

Indigo Paints offers mildew-resistant paint and paint for oil stains with excellent absorption, consistency, and longevity. This range of paints is incredibly beneficial in parts of the house where odours tend to gather, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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