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What are the types of wood finishes?

What are the types of wood finishes?

Wood is a material that is found in abundance at every home. But are those wooden surfaces showing signs of ageing? A simple coat of finish can make them look brand new and help them regain a hold on their losing strength and durability. Wood finishes help cover the wood’s cracked and dry surface with a clear and shiny coat.


The Different Types of Wood Finishes


Before looking at the various kinds of wood finishes, let us understand the two main types of finishes: Penetrating finish and Surface finish. Penetrating finish, as the name suggests, goes deep inside the wood and heals it. Surface finish works only on the upper layer of the wood, ridding it of scratches, cracks and paling colour.


● Varnish

Made up of oils, resins and thinners or solvents, varnish finish offers a durable coating with an excellent UV protection to wooden surfaces. This wood coating enhances wood’s natural look as it doesn’t cover its grains. The varnish is available in glossy, matte and satin finishes.


● Oil

When the natural oil present in the wood dries out after a point, an oil finish can help restore its nourished state. Oil finishes improve the wood’s natural colour and increase its longevity, but they are not great protectors. Tung, linseed and mineral are the most common types of oil finishes.


● Water-based

Unlike oil-based finishes, water-based wood finishes are thin and opaque. They do not change the colour of the wood but lend it a radiant and natural-looking shine. Owing to their thin consistency, water-based wood coating dry out quickly, making them a better choice than oil-based ones.


● Paint

There are two types of wood paint finishes – latex and oil-based. Latex paint offers stronger protection than oil paint finish and is therefore perfect for furniture and interior wooden surfaces. Before applying wood paint finishes, the wooden surface needs preparing with a primer for best results.

Wood finish red paint

● Shellac

This natural wax finish is obtained from a tree bug and mixed with the collected tree wax and a solvent of alcohol. Shellac offers a good cover and a glossy shine to almost all types of wood surfaces. You can choose shellac finish in a variety of colours based on the shade and type of wood you are choosing it for.

● Lacquer

For those looking for a luxurious gloss finish on wood, lacquer is the best choice. This thin and fast-drying solvent nourishes the grains of the wood and makes the surface shine and look naturally appealing.

You don’t necessarily need a professional hand to apply the wood coating. But if you are looking for professional help, Indigo Paints is always there for you.


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