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What Paint Colours Make You Sleep Better?

What Paint Colours Make You Sleep Better?

Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of our health and well-being. More than the quantity of sleep, sleep quality affects our mood, focus, and overall health. Environmental factors like the room, temperature, mattress, blanket, etc., can affect the way we sleep. In this article, we will discuss how our room colours can affect our sleep and what colours for bedrooms are suitable to get a perfect sleep. We will also give you some bedroom colour ideas.

Before discussing further, it is vital to understand that the colours and ambience can only aid you in getting better sleep, but are not the solution to any sleeping problems. Hence, if you are facing chronic sleep problems, it’s best to consult a doctor immediately. With that in mind, let’s get started:

Colours and Sleep

Aesthetically designed living room

Colours affect the way we think and feel. This is why marketing companies strategically use colours to grab our attention. For example, red and yellow colours grab human attention quickly, which is why many fast-food chains have incorporated these colours in their logos and restaurants.

The same logic is applicable to sleep as well. Falling asleep requires us to be in a certain mental space. Sleeping requires our mind to be calm and at peace. Hence, if something causes us to be alert, it makes it difficult to fall asleep. Hence, not all colours are suitable for your bedroom and it is best to avoid certain colours to ensure a good and healthy sleep.

Choosing bedroom paint colours

Choosing a bedroom paint colour can be tricky. But here are some tips to help you choose the right one, without having to compromise on your choice:

1. Avoid the bright colours: Reds, oranges and other such bright colours are a complete no to being used in the bedroom. They put us in an alert state and make it difficult to fall asleep.

2. Choose the blues: It has been scientifically proven through various studies that blue is the best colour to improve sleep quality. It helps your mind to calm down and enter a rested state. But if you do not like blue, that’s not the end of it. There are other colours too.

Blue Wall painted room

3. Pastels: All pastel colours are soothing for your eyes and mind, and hence, have the same effect as blue can. So you can choose pastel shades of any colour to make your room sleep-friendly.

4. Avoid all white: While white is a calming colour, it may not help you sleep better. Colours can induce certain feelings in us. The same does not happen with white. Hence, it is better to have some element of colour.

5. The Feng Shui colours: Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional practice, suggesting that natural-toned colours such as beige, cream, etc., are better for the bedroom. Along with that it also suggests that you can use colours to induce a certain feeling. For example, green induces the feeling of rejuvenation. Hence, you can add it to feel that specific emotion.

Tips to make your room more sleep-friendly

1. Matt paints colours over glossy: Glossy paint colours for rooms can be distracting and are not suitable for bedrooms. Using matte finish paints is best for bedrooms. Indigo paints have a wide variety of wall paint colours for you to choose from.

2. Accent walls: If you want to incorporate a bright colour into your bedroom, you can use it as an accent wall, behind your bed frame. That way the colour will not be in front of you while you sleep.

A modern living room wall colour

3. Lighting: Lighting also plays a key role in how colours look in your bedroom and creates an ambience. It is preferable to use warm lights in the bedroom. Warm lights create a cosy environment, making it easier to enter a rested state.

4. Focus on other furniture: Apart from the wall paint, other things in your bedroom such as curtains, bedsheets, and cupboards must also be not of bright colour. They can equally affect your sleep cycle and quality.

5. Ceiling: During your sleep, you will be directly facing the ceiling. Hence, the colour of the ceiling is also crucial. Avoid adding any glow-in-the-dark elements on the ceiling, as they can be distracting for you.

Paint colours for the home can have a much bigger impact on your mood, energy, and sleep than you can imagine. Hence, you must pick the right colours keeping all factors and your preferences in mind. Don’t forget to check out the wide variety of colours and paints available on Indigo Paints to get the best one for your bedroom. Learn more about paints and emulsions here.

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