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Waterproofing Solutions


Indigo Paints Protect Plus range comprises a versatile selection of products designed to safeguard your home against moisture-related issues. Our comprehensive range ensures effective protection against water intrusion, preventing potential damage and maintaining the integrity of your property. With Indigo Paints waterproofing products, you can confidently fortify your home against leaks, seepage, and other water-related challenges, enjoying a dry and secure living environment.

Damp Seal Primer - Waterproofing Solution

Damp Seal Primer

Leakproof Emulsion - Waterproofing Solution

Leakproof Emulsion

Aquashield - Waterproofing Solution


Superseal - Waterproofing Solution


Polyrepair - Waterproofing Solution


Dampstop 2K - Waterproofing Solution

Dampstop 2K

Crack Heal Paste - Waterproofing Solution

Crack Heal Paste

1. Indigo Paints as a Waterproofing Brand

Indigo Paints is recognized as a trusted waterproofing brand, offering a diverse range of reliable and effective solutions for protecting homes against water damage.

2. Best Indigo Waterproofing Product Combinations for your Home

For optimal waterproofing, consider combining Indigo Paints Leakproof Emulsion after applying Damp Seal Primer as an undercoat for the surfaces for comprehensive protection against water infiltration.

3. Waterproofing Tips & Tricks

Ensure proper surface preparation, apply multiple coats of waterproofing products, address cracks and joints, and regularly inspect and maintain waterproofed areas to enhance longevity and effectiveness.

4. Types of waterproofing

Common types of waterproofing include cementitious waterproofing, bituminous waterproofing, liquid waterproofing membranes, and crystalline waterproofing systems.

5. Why choose Indigo Paints for your waterproofing requirements?

Indigo Paints stands out for home waterproofing due to our high-quality products, extensive range of solutions, proven effectiveness, and commitment to customer satisfaction, making us a reliable choice for protecting your home from water damage