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What is the best paint colour for ceiling?

What is the best paint colour for ceiling?

Has your ceiling colour become yellow with time? Or you want to choose a new shade just to add zing to the interior of your home? Whatever be the reason, we at Indigo Paints will help you choose the ceiling paint colours that will not only be reflective of your taste but will also enhance the mood of those sitting in the room. Here are some ways to choose the right ceiling paint shade for any room.

Paint Both the Walls and Ceiling the Same Hue

Extremely dark or light paint colours function well depending on the size and type of room you’re painting. Medium hues do not go well. Painting the walls and ceiling the same shade is ideal for these kinds of rooms:

In small-sized rooms, darker paint colour for the walls and ceiling in a small room will richly cover the expanse and make the vibe more intimate. If you want the space to be roomier, choose a lighter colour for the ceiling and walls.

In larger rooms, both dark and light paint colours will bring focus to the décor and furniture.

Wall Ceiling colour by Indigo Paints

Painting the Ceiling a Lighter Shade than Walls

A light ceiling colour can make the room’s walls seem at a greater height. A great way to make the ceiling paint look lighter than walls is by whitening the wall paint with an 80% ratio of white paint and a 20% ratio of colour. Through this technique, spaces having lower ceilings will seem roomier.

Painting The Ceiling a Darker Shade than Walls

This is ideal if one wants a minimal contrast between the ceiling paint colours and that of walls or high contrast in a room having white walls. In such a case, choose ceiling paint colours that are only about three hues darker than the wall for a cultured look.

Now, we know this question has been meandering in your mind for a long time…. Shall I choose white as the ceiling paint shade?

Despite a myriad of colours from which you can choose, you might simply want your ceiling colour to be white as it has been considered the quintessential choice for the longest time. And there are good reasons for it: Adding a fresh new coat of white paint can cover candle smoke, cooking oil stains, and even brighten up the room. Yes, it is the safest choice, if other colour options do not satiate your zest for experimentation!

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