Sleek Wood Coatings


When doing up the interiors of our homes, we usually purchase high-end, expensive furniture pieces. Water or alcohol rings or marks give a very shabby look to your furniture. Adding a sleek wood finish coat by Indigo Paints helps keep your furniture safe and protected against different signs of wear and tear.

Sleek Interior Two Pack Quick Drying Pu

Interior Quick- Drying Two Pack PU

Sleek Exterior Two Pack Pu

Exterior Two Pack Clear PU

Knifing Paste Filler - Silver Series

Interior Two Pack Hi-Solid Melamine

Sleek Interior Single Pack Pu

Interior Single Pack Clear PU

Sleek Exterior Single Pack Pu

Exterior Single Pack Clear PU

Sleek Interior Sanding Sealer

Interior Sanding Sealer NC

Sleek Anti Termite Solution

Anti Termite Solution

Sleek Interior Wood Stain

Wood Stain

Sleek Xt Base Coat Uv Filter


Sleek Thinner

NC / PU / Melamine Thinner