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Tips to choose the perfect vastu colour for your home

Tips to choose the perfect vastu colour for your home

While in the process of your home colour selection, the role of colours goes beyond just imparting a unique identity to your house. From the Vaastu point of view as well, home colours can genuinely make a huge difference positively if selected wisely. Here, we bring the most excellent tips to choose the Perfect Vastu home colour for your home to ensure that your home is filled with the utmost positive vibes and healthy aura.

Consider Green Color for the Entrance Area

If you adore nature and value overall prosperity, green is believed to be the most sought after vastu colours. Be it healing or relaxation, be it growth or re-creation, green is competent in imparting a wide array of benefits. Moreover, it is perhaps the aptest colour that contributes towards enabling the natives to control excessive mood swings and temperament issues. Green is believed to be the best colour for the North. If you are more concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your house, be creative by coming up with exciting combinations meant for the Entrance area.

Steer Clear Of Dark Colours for the Prayer Room

Black is considered to be inappropriate and so is brown for the prayer room, and hence, light colours like white, cream, light yellow, light blue, and green are recommended. Especially, empowered with healing qualities, blue symbolizes tranquility. Therefore, the tints of the blue colour (lighter version) are preferred home colours for the spacious areas of the house. Moreover, avoid blue in excessive quantity as it may lead to cold, cough, and related ailments.

Living Room

If you intend to enhance the warmth of the ambience of your house’s living room, red colour seems apt. Red colour signifies vibrancy, liveliness, and warmth. It is an incredibly stimulating colour, and hence, it would be brilliant to use red as a highlighter in the form of stripes instead of using it as full colour.

Red Colour Living Room - Tips For Perfect Vastu Colour

Avoid Colours for Bedroom That May Trigger Temperament Issues

For bedroom home colour selection, it would be great to opt for pink, blue, and brown to ensure the desired balance in marital life. Excessive use of red in the bedroom is not recommended because red represents fire energy and hence, may trigger temperament issues.

Blend Lighter and Brighter Colors For Kitchen

Yellow is one such perfect Vastu home colour for your home that enhances optimism, positivity, intelligence, and mental stability. Orange is yet another ideal Vastu home colour for your home that is competent in improving vivacity, positive energy, and warmth. Orange, yellow, silver, rose, and white colours are believed to be the perfect Vastu colours for the kitchen area. However, it is recommended to use an orange colour in moderate quantities.

Opt For Light Colours for Ceiling and Staircase

These days, minimalistic home décor is in vogue. If you are someone who adores minimalism and appreciates contemporary home décor, the most brilliant colour as per Vaastu is white. It signifies elegance, purity, and innocence. Hence, it is recommended for the whole house’s ceiling. Vaastu suggests that one should avoid excessive white colour as it increases egocentrism.

Avoid Darker Shades For Car-parking And Garage

The perfect Vastu colours for your home’s car-parking and garage should include lighter colours like cream, white, and tints of yellow colour.


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