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7 diy paint ideas that will give stylish look to your kitchen

7 diy paint ideas that will give stylish look to your kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of your home. From a quick breakfast to cooking a sumptuous meal for a family lunch, a romantic dinner for date night or just grabbing your midnight munchies, it all starts with the kitchen. Well, lit with proper ventilation, marinated with your personal touch is the perfect recipe for a stylish kitchen. Choose from timeless classics or create your own kitchen colour combinations, with Indigo Paints, everything is possible. It does not matter if you are building your own house or just looking to renovate the existing kitchen, we have brought you some DIY kitchen colour ideas to paint the walls your way!

Materials required –

Choosing the kitchen colours for walls and painting them can be intimidating, but we will guide you through the entire process. Here are the materials you would need to prepare for the work. You can find them on our website.

● Paintbrushes

● Cabinet enamel paint (Choose from our collection of satin, super glossy and self-priming epoxy enamel)

● Laminate paint (select from our collection of acrylic laminate or other interior emulsions)

● Primer (Choose from our collection of Primers or single pack epoxy primer)

● All-purpose cleaner

● Paint roller

● Sander

● Cloth

● Newspapers

How to choose the right kitchen wall paints?

While deciding the right kitchen wall paint, take into account the vibe or mood you want your kitchen to reflect. The amount of light in the kitchen also plays an essential role in choosing the more appealing kitchen interior colours. Keep in mind how to distribute the colours proportionately, create subtle kitchen colour combinations to give the walls a more streamlined look. Choose two or three principal shades to avoid cluttering of kitchen colours and making the walls shabby.

7 DIY kitchen wall Paint Ideas for your stylish kitchen interiors

1. Bright white, leather brown and navy blue

You can use darker tones irrespective of the size of your kitchen. To avoid overwhelming your kitchen, you can use the navy blue tones sparingly in contrast with the bright white colours. To emphasize the kitchen wall colour combinations, you can add white tiles or fixtures with a leather brown countertop or chairs.

2. Wood finishes along with olive green and warm white

Wood finishes along with olive green and warm white

Choose the earthly colours to bring a gentle touch to your kitchen colours. You can choose white as a warm base adding neutral organic woody tones. Olive colour adds a beautiful rhythm to the kitchen colour combinations giving it a back-to-nature vibe. These organic hues, along with the earthy and white contrast, give an exciting look and do not give a murky look to the kitchen walls.

3. Natural wood finishes with white and off-white

One of the best kitchen colour combinations is opting for a white-on-white palette choosing complexions of white, off-white or creamy white, buttery white and grey tones white. This palette gives a seamless look to the kitchen interior colours making it look classy and large. Adorn this kitchen wall colour combination with wooden cabinets and floors to give a welcoming vibe!

4. Stainless steel with grey and scarlet

A vibrant, trendy kitchen wall paint is using red or scarlet hues which stimulates conversations. When you combine this lively tone with cool grey tones and shiny metallic counterparts, the entire look becomes very elegant.

5. Wood finishes with golden yellow and turquoise.

Mixing kitchen interior colours with mild and happy hues gives a very refreshing vibe to your kitchen walls. A rich wood lower cabinet topped with white countertops with matte finish gives a very classic look. Play with golden yellow colours for the cabinet doors or introduce small props of turquoise and yellow to give more energy to your kitchen colours for the walls.

6. Black, white and yellow

Black, White And Yellow Diy Paint Ideas For Your Kitchen

Yellow is one of the liveliest and friendly colours that always seem to persuade, giving off a very pleasant vibe. You can use it for the walls or the cabinets. You can play discerning tones of yellow and white; yellow walls highlight white cabinets, and conversely, white walls highlight yellow cabinets. Support this kitchen colour for walls with black marble or soapstone countertops which provide good anchors for this colour combination.

7. Aqua, mint green and white

Aqua, Mint Green And White Diy Paint Ideas For Your Kitchen

This kitchen colour combination is one of the most calming mixtures for your kitchen wall paint—play between the pastel tones of blue and green, packing them into a lively punch. Use white surfaces to accentuate the breezy look topping it with a black matte or ceramic objects or fixtures.

These are some DIY ideas to create or renovate your kitchen walls and make them look dapper and refreshing.

● Do not forget to cover the furniture with plastic sheets before you start painting.

● Use cup hooks to dry the paint off cabinet doors and interiors.

● Make sure you clean the interiors properly.

● Use a new paintbrush, repeat the priming and enamel process, put the chosen colour and repeat until you get the desired tone.

● Dry for 2-3 days before reinstalling.

Check out for emulsions, primers, enamel paints, wood coatings, acrylic and other paints to make your space homely.

Your dream home is not just a dream anymore. With Indigo Paints, make your dreams come true.


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