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Muted tones for the best toned home paints

Muted tones for the best toned home paints

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Home paint colours from Indigo offers muted paints at homes to give more of an enriching and pleasant lifestyle to the overall household. The right colour chosen for the right room will bring in perfection and enhance the beauty of the house. At the end of the day we at Indigo paints are here to help you choose the right colour for the right room, bringing our expertise together with your creativity.

When a highly saturated or vibrant colour is used in combination with muted colours, it grabs attention. A well-coordinated muted colour along with a more vibrant shade brings in the hula effect to the complete environment. Indigo paints help in choosing your home paint colours as discussed below:


Living room: the living room is generally an open huge floor with a number of major amenities and accessories. Our muted colours bring sophistication and solidity to your room, and add to a sense of elegance and class when entertaining visitors in the living room. The right balance and combination of muted and vibrant colours is more important in this room than many other rooms.


Kitchen: with muted white, grey, or even black paintings around the wall in combination with gold or silver based hardware and cabinetry, the kitchen will look classy and spotless.


Kids’ room: bright splashes of colours in between the muted ones will be fascinating for kids. Different paintings of cartoon characters, animals, birds, etc on the background of muted home paint colours will make it attractive for the kids. The overall planning depends on the coordination of the colours of the other amenities like bed, study table, and cupboard.

Bedroom: the bedroom encompasses various moods, including romance, calmness, simplicity, and sophistication. A muted colour on the walls of the bedroom especially shades of grey and white coupled with vibrant colours like dark brown or golden for the furniture like bed, side table, and the lamp shades will make the room more welcoming, relaxing, and elegant.

 Bathroom: bathroom lighting decides the colour shades that can be used on its walls. Neutral beige or a subtle blue colour in a Combination of white will make the bathroom look flawless. The other amenities when paired with golden, rustic, or a burgundy combination will set a unique image to the overall structure.

Love the place where you live in! A healthy and positive lifestyle is essential for a successful and happy journey in life. The more positive the environment we live in, the more peaceful our lives.


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