How to Paint Over Dark Walls: Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Finish

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March 10, 2023

While redesigning a space, a major challenge arises: painting over dark walls. A flawless finish on walls imparts freshness to the space and lends it a unique aura.So, how do you bring the desired invigorating touch over dark walls? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you attain the dream look.

Organize the Space for a Fresh Coat of Paint

Before starting the painting work, preparing the entire space is crucial. Move all the furnishings and decor items. While working on a flawless finish on your walls, you don’t want to damage your furniture and decor. Cover your flooring with sheets or newspapers to prevent spills. In case of sockets that can’t be removed, make sure to conceal the boards with tape.

Remove old paint from the wall

Painting over dark walls surely seems like a challenge. However, with appropriate steps, it is a cake walk. For attaining a flawless finish on painted walls, it’s always advised to scrape off the old layer of paint using a wire brush or scraper. It leaves you with a clear surface to paint over. This also saves you the hassle of repainting and catering to the need for regular maintenance.

Fill in the Cracks and Crevices

As you peel off the old layer of paint, you’ll come across various cracks and holes in the wall. In order to get a smooth finish on the wall, fill in all the crevices through patch-work. This can be done using tools like a scraper, filler, or filling knife. Make sure to fill in all the cracks. Keep a tab on deep holes since these might have to be filled multiple times to get a smooth finish. Once this step is done, sand all the fillings to even out the wall surface.

Clean the Walls for a Flawless Finish

Give a finishing touch to the raw walls by sanding them. Once you’re done with the sanding procedure, clean the debris from the room before proceeding further. Clean the walls with a detergent solution and cloth. It will help remove the grease and dirt. Once the walls are clean, you’re good to go ahead and paint as you desire on your blank canvas!

Apply Primer on the wall

If your idea is to paint on dark walls, don’t skip the application of primer. Whether it’s dark walls colour combinations or simply a light coat over the walls, apply a primer as a base. This helps in retaining the tones of the paint.  Simply painting over dark walls demands multiple layers to get the look. In such scenarios, the application of primer proves to be pocket friendly. Coat the wall with primer and then apply the chosen shade.

Let it Dry

Whichever colour palette you opt for – light or dark, always apply two coats of paint on the walls. Once the double coat is done, leave the walls undisturbed for the paint to dry. One of the key considerations while painting is to give a proper time gap between the two coats. Once you’ve applied the first coat, the second coat must be applied after 2 hours. Give the walls ample time to dry to ensure that the paint doesn’t come off.

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Paint Roller Ideas

Here are a few tricks to make the painting process more efficient.

Make sure to cover most of the roller with paint for better coverage. The paint roller shouldn’t be too thick or thin. As you dip the roller in the paint, wipe the excess paint so that it doesn’t drip on the surface.

Always move the roller in a zig-zag pattern for complete coverage and prevention of streaks.

Work with edging tools to stay consistent while painting on the edges. Without this approach, the borders might end up looking highlighted and flawed.

With these tips and tricks, get ready to splash your creativity on your walls. Pick your favourite colour and make the space magical by lending a fresh look over dark walls.

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