Sleek Wood Coatings

Indigo Paint’s wood finish coat shields your premium furniture from everyday damage.

Delivers a rich finish with a smooth feel while providing protection against water and household chemicals

Fortified with UV filters, this product repels water and is easy to use

Aliphatic isocyanate-cured for UV-resistant, non-yellowing finish in glossy, matt, and silk-matt options

Quick-drying, scratch-resistant protection in gloss, silk matt & matt finishes

Quick-drying, high-solid formulation ensures better wood grain filling and enhanced durability

Quick drying with enhanced clarity

Enhances flow and levelling of the topcoat

Shields wood from UV damage, resists discolouration and fungal attack, comes in clear and 14 natural wood shades

Acts as both pre and post-treatment wood preservative; kills termites on contact; eco-friendly and compatible with oil-based primers and paints

Easy to use, fast drying, with a high concentration for optimal results

Indigo Paint's Premier Wood Paints Help Elevate Surfaces with Protection and Aesthetics

1. Indigo Paints As A Wooden Paint Brand

Indigo Paints stands as a hallmark in wood paint solutions, offering an expansive array of choices tailored for wooden surfaces. Our premium-quality wood paint delivers exceptional coverage and robust protection, earning trust among homeowners.

2. Best Indigo Paints wood wall paints for Your Home

Embrace warmth with our Chestnut Brown wood finish or opt for a rustic charm with our Teak wood paint. Indigo Paint’s wood wall paints not only enhance but rejuvenate any wooden surface, breathing new life into your spaces.

3. Wood Painting Tips and Tricks

Prioritise surface preparation by thorough sanding to smoothen out imperfections before painting. A primer ensures optimal paint adhesion, while applying thin, even coats with a brush or roller ensures a flawless finish. For added protection and a polished look, consider our wood finish paints.

4. Types of wood wall painting

Dabble in diverse wood painting techniques like staining, varnishing, or distressing to infuse texture and depth into your wood surfaces. Indigo Paints presents a versatile palette of paint types—from matte and satin to gloss—to cater to every wood painting aspiration.

5. Why choose Indigo Paints for wood painting

Indigo Paints resonates with quality and precision in the wood paint arena. Our products promise unparallelled coverage and protection against the rigours of daily use, making them the preferred choice for discerning homeowners. With a spectrum of colours and expert guidance, Indigo ensures the perfect paint for your wooden masterpieces.

Trending Colour Combinations

Get inspired with the latest colour trends and design ideas.

Trending Colour Combinations

Get inspired with the latest colour trends and design ideas.


Wood coating is a protective layer applied to wood surfaces to enhance aesthetics, durability, and resistance to elements like moisture and UV rays, ensuring longevity and preserving natural beauty.
There are various different products available by Indigo Paints, each for a different property. Each type offers different levels of protection, sheen, and ease of application, catering to various aesthetic and functional needs.
Consider the wood type, desired finish (glossy, matte, etc.), and type of wooden surface (indoor or outdoor)
Yes, but proper surface preparation is essential. Clean and lightly sand the existing finish to ensure adhesion of the new coating. Some finishes may require complete removal before reapplication.
Clean the wood thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, and grease. Sand the surface smoothly, starting with coarse grit and finishing with fine grit sandpaper. Ensure the wood is dry and free of any old finish or contaminants.
Regularly dust and clean with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Periodically, reapply the finish or use a suitable polish to maintain the coating’s integrity and appearance.
Consider the finish type (oil-based, water-based, or hybrid), durability, ease of application, drying time, and environmental impact. Also, factor in the desired sheen level and compatibility with the wood species and existing finishes. With Indigo Paints, you will find a suitable product of your need.

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